Saturday, August 29, 2009

All the news that's fit to cluck...

My girls are getting bigger all the time! They are so happy in their coop, and I give them a daily supervised outing. This little one loves to nestle in the grass. She'll sit there for half an hour!

Here's the super-deluxe coop with the best view on the farm! (And we're going to buy a proper ventilation fan. That thing in the window was in our basement when we moved into our house in Nova Scotia in 1998!)

Several of the girls are especially affectionate. Here's one perching on my knee:

And I think this is Anastasia perching on my foot. Now, I would just like it to be known that I do NOT go out in public wearing gym socks and Birkenstocks. My feet were cold in the house that day and I put my sandals on without thinking about the fashion implications. No one saw me except the chickens. Oh wait, now the whole world can see me. nevermind.

The only thing better than one chicken on your foot is two! I think they are a little disgusted by my fashion sense.

Right outside the coop door, the concrete on the floor of the barn is a bit broken up, and the girls absolutely adore taking dust baths there:

Yes, yes, you are indeed the MOST BEAUTIFUL chicken in the universe. Just don't tell your sisters I said that.

While I have names for the chickens, they have not been assigned yet as, apart from Anastasia, I have trouble telling them apart! I like this black one with all the brown feathers on her chest.They're hanging out by the coop door:

If you want to see how the coop looked when Gordon started on it back in April (!), go here.

I love my chickens!

PS: If you're in the Dunvegan area today (between Ottawa and Montreal), visit the Wood Fair at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum. It's a shame the weather is crap, because a lot of planning has gone into this fair and I think it'll be fabulous! Gordon is there right now, acting as a human traffic pylon (he is volunteering, since he's a member of the Stormont Dundas Glengarry Stewardship Council, but he's not considered worthy of actually directing traffic. HAHAHA! That glory falls to our older, wiser friend Bruce.) I'm going to my Art Trading Cards meeting at the hall in Dunvegan and am doing a book-signing afterwards.


  1. You're making me want chickens!! They are so cute! I love that they sit on your feet! I would be petting them all day! (Thought I'm not sure how my cat and puppy would feel about that! LOL!)

  2. Shelley, two words: GET CHICKENS!
    (And hubby can get bees!) They are so wonderful.

  3. I love your chickens too! The coops looks wonderful compared to what it looked like when you started. Is their window plexiglass? How do you get them back into the coop after their outing?

  4. Genny, the window is plain old glass. We reused an old but good window that was in the barn when we moved in.

    THe girls are pretty good about going into the coop. Sometimes they come when I call, sometimes they need a bit of herding, sometimes I'll pick up the odd straggler! :)


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