Friday, November 30, 2012

Yagger on the catwalk

After we snuggled with our friend Christina's mini-horses, we went inside for a fashion show courtesy of her awesome beagle, Yagger!

That dog can rock the catwalk. Doesn't he make a fabulous fireman?

Or are you in a penguin sort of mood?

A little sock monkey, perhaps?

Surf's up, dude!

And look, it's the world's most adorable football!

And just in time for Christmas...

Look at that face! He loves this, and has no shame about that "ugly holiday sweater." And why should he? Yagger looks marvellous in anything!

But wait! Here comes PREPPIE YAGGER!

Took me back to my high school days in the 1980s...

After working hard to model his spectacular wardrobe, Yagger took a well-deserved rest...

Love this little guy! What a sweetie.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last Sunday, we went over to our friend Christina's place to meet her lovely miniature horses, Zoe and Maggie-May.

I fell in instant love! Zoe is very cuddly.

Yeah, horses this size I could handle!

Christina is great with animals. She volunteers at our local shelter, was featured  in my post the other day about Charlotte the chicken.

The horses are getting their winter coats on!

Love, truuuue love!

Christina's Mom gave Zoe a big kiss on the schnozz.

I gave Zoe some kisses too.

Ahem. I think this one needs to be in a caption contest!

I think I may have convinced Gordon we need some mini-horses.

Maggie-May has a gorgeous tail...

...and mane!

Thanks to Christina for a lovely visit. Tomorrow you'll get to see Christina's beagle on the catwalk!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alex is clearly feeling better

Alex is feeling much better after his digestive tract upset of last week.

"It's about time you made me a proper breakfast, human!"

"Beat it, dog!"

For those not in the know, Alex is our tripod kitty. We adopted him from the SD&G OSPCA shelter I mentioned in yesterday's post, after he was found caught in a leghold trap in Cornwall. One amputation and six weeks later, he was ours. He now rules the house.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Charlotte, Chicken Superstar

As you may or may not recall, last year I took Charlotte the hen into Cornwall to get her photo taken with Santa. This is an annual event in aid of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry OSPCA, our local animal shelter.

This year, we did it again!

Santa remembered Charlotte. Of course, Santa remembers all the good little girls and boys!

Charlotte was extremely popular. Our friend Christina, a volunteer at the shelter, was happy to give Charlotte lots of tender loving attention...

Christina's quite the hen-handler!

As is...

...Mai Habib, a local journalist and broadcaster. Yes, Charlotte had a brush with fame!  She was very happy to be held by Mai. And when Charlotte decided that it was time to poop, she considerately aimed away from Mai's coat, sparing me untold embarrassment.

Three happy chicks!

The staff of the Pet Valu store on Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall kindly gave me a lovely holiday bandanna for Charlotte to wear! They also generously provide a nice space for this annual event.

Christina lives around the corner from us with her parents roommates. We went to visit her and her miniature horses this weekend.  Photos of that outing (and a fashion show by her beagle Yagger) to follow soon! Christina does great work for the shelter and always has a smile on her face.  Charlotte loves her.

As you can see, Miz Charlotte was the feathered calm in the midst of chaos. She is comfortable around dogs and didn't bat an eyelash (do chickens have eyelashes?) at all the canine commotion.

Does she not look splendid in her party clothes?

Christina dressed for the occasion too. I made her turn on her Christmas-light necklace for me. I now have bulb-envy.

Our Charlotte is now 3-1/2 years old but still pumps out tasty brown-shelled tasty eggs. She's quite the coop hottie, and the roosters' enthusiasm for her shows in her worn back feathers. Time for me to get out the chicken saddle again!

After an hour or so, Charlotte's annual public appearance drew to a close.

 For a minute, I thought she was going to lay an egg in there.

I'm not sure what the next cat to use that crate will think... "For some reason, I'm craving catnip omelette!"

If you want to give a holiday donation to our shelter, just click here and designate the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry branch as recipient

Someone from the shelter suggested I look into turning Charlotte into a therapy chicken. No kidding, they exist! I would love to do this and am making enquiries.  She loves attention, makes people smile, and is always calm, cool and collected. Sounds to me like she has the makings of a perfect certified therapy chicken. Plus she rocks a bandanna. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, November 26, 2012

More Tobago

There were a lot of rainbows in Tobago. So pretty!

On our way back from Scarborough one day, we stopped at a lookout...

Englishman's Bay was very pretty. This was the first place we snorkelled, and we had a great time.

Another day, another bay...

Bloody Bay was deserted!

I built an inuksuk .here were lots of great flat rocks on the beach.

I gave this cutie girl a little banana. Happy beach dog.

I can't be held responsible for his outlet, although I did buy him those swim trunks.

And down at Parlatuvier...

The neighbourhood chickens and a dog were enjoying rooting through the trash!

The sun was starting to set over the lovely beach.

I liked all the boats...

And hello! Supper!

We bought a fish called crevalle jack to take home to cook. It reminded me a bit of halibut and I liked it.

A heron was also down at the dock picking up supper!

I think Gordon was asking me if I had any change. Er, no!

He made us a great fish dinner with some squash, tomatoes, cukes, rice and peas on the side. Freshest fish EVER.

As I looked out at the snow this morning, I admit... much as I love winter, I miss these beaches!