Friday, May 30, 2014

Oink oink oinkety oink!

It has been too long since I posted piglet photos!

On Sunday they will turn six weeks old. Here is Dahlia...

She is so sweet! She comes to me for belly rubs and chin scritchies all the time.

Ophelia and her brood. Ophelia has lost a little too much weight feeding those porcine chunks of hers, so I am upping their rations! I'd say the piglets weigh about 8 lbs a piece right now.

Gertie give Dahlia a smooch on the ear.

Olivia chewing on something!

Pick-pocket! Or should I say...


The boy pig (we are sorting out a name) and Dahlia, checking out my boot.

THey are so cute!

Boy piglet. He has a sweet personality.

Smudge (temporary name; she has been adopted and will leave her at eight weeks) tries to climb aboard her brother.

So while they are growing fast, they remain unspeakably adorable!
The guy who cuts our grass (a farmer) saw the piggies last week and said, "Are they going in your freezer?" Baaaahahahahahahhaha. He knows full well that ain't never gonna happen!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It was hard not to smuggle some out!

I sometimes take photos of dogs for the SD&G OSPCA's website. Yesterday I photographed two dogs and ELEVEN PUPPIES!! It was hard not to fill my pockets with puppies...

I have to say though, it's much easier to photograph a piglet than  pup. These little guys were all incredibly squirmy, and kept wanting to crawl onto my lap. Not that that's a bad thing!

The mama of five of the pups is a Jack Russell cross named Penny, who is also up for adoption!

She's a sweet girl, aged 4. And she made cute babies:

I loved the markings on this little girl. Her name is Jewel.

And then there were six Rottie/Bulldog cross pups. They have HUGE PAWS!

A couple of them had that little black spot on their tails (above).

Yeah, I had a really tough afternoon playing with 11 puppies, and this fine fellow...

Buck is a super 2-year-old Beagle cross. Sweet boy with nice manners and super-soft ears!

So many great dogs are waiting for homes in shelters. Go check 'em out!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Creamsicle cat

We named him Emerson, but I keep calling him Creamsicle because he's a diluted Julius! :)

Emerson is doing very well...

He's still not entirely free-ranging, as we are waiting for his testosterone levels to drop post-neutering. :) It has been a week. He was spraying quite a bit when he was outside, but I am confident he'll stop that. He's young (between six and eight months) and those giant NUTS of his are now gone!

He is a super-sweet cat. He likes to suckle my fingers! My cat Zoë used to do that. She had a rough start to life. I wonder what Emerson's story is?

Is he not devilishly handsome?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chubby hungry little monsters!

The piglets are getting humungous!

Here are Smudge (temporary nickname; she has been adopted and will leave us when she's weaned at 8 weeks of age), Olivia and Gertie (Gertrude Swine.)

Surfing the milk-bar mosh pit. You can see how big they are compared to when they were born four weeks ago tomorrow: 

Dahlia is super sweet!

"Hello, Mama!"

Smudge, after I put in a fresh bale of straw.



Next I need to post more pictures of our sweet kitty Emerson!

Friday, May 16, 2014

New! Improved! More piglets!

Yeah, I finally redesigned the blog after two years. I am working on the Cast of Characters, where all the pets' pictures will be. I just spent way too long agonizing over type choices... more tweaks to follow!

Gobble gobble oink oink meow meow!

My friend Steve came for a visit the other day and took a pic of me holding Richard the turkey.

I got pink overalls to match the pigs!  Speaking of pigs, Steve took many fantastic photos of them and allowed me to share them here. Thanks Steve!

The only piglet adopted out thus far. When she is weaned at 8 weeks, she's going to live in piggy paradise. She'll have an older Berkshire sister who weighs 800 lbs and has her own house and yard!!! The Berkshire was a runt that was bottle-fed and is now is a beloved pet. She gets a birthday cake every year. This little porker is going to have a fine life.

And here I am whispering sweet nothings to the piglets, who just packing on the pounds! Or ounces, anyway.

This is Dahlia, as in Black Dahlia. :) I don't intend for her to meet the same end as her namesake.

She has a lttle pink heart on her nose!


Olivia, then Miss Pink Nose, who is now named Gertrude Swine, aka Gertie.

Gertie loves the dirt!

Gertie and her sister amuse themselves.

A big kiss on the nose for Uncle Steve!

Ophelia is still nursing but the piglets are also getting some solid food now.

They LOVE to play with cardboard.

They're really enjoying the great outdoors.

And remember Emerson? He was neutered and vaccinated on Wednesday and is doing great. Right now he's holed up in our spare bedroom. There will be gradual introductions to the rest of the household. He is such a sweet cat. The vet said he's between 6 and 8 months old, which is about what we guessed.

And for your viewing amusement, here's a video Steve took of us tormenting the turkeys. Carlton really is an ass whenever someone new shows up!