Saturday, June 24, 2017

When your best friend is an ass (literally!)

So, Finney the pony and Saul the donkey are the best of buddies, and Saul LOVES to whack Finney with stuff... rubber feed pan, horse ball, whatever. And Finney loves to be whacked!

So here are 10,000 of the 40,000 shots I took the other night (I may be exaggerating slightly!)

Their facial expressions crack me up!

Saul has two feet off the ground. He's really getting into it!

"Don't hit me with that thing."
"Aww come on!"

"How about I just push it against you?"
"Come on, just a bit!"

"Well, that does feel kind of nice!"

"WTF? Hey! You bastard!"

"Dude, watch the mane! I have a date with Ella tonight!"

"Sorry little man, I only have eyes for Roo. I like a REAL horse!"

"Bahahaha! She shut you down, buddy!"

"Hey boys, I'm available!"

"Big blonde and beautiful, that's me."

"I'll pay for the hay!"

"Fine, you bastards..."

"Oh well, what are you doing tonight?"

"Bashing you with the pan, bro!"

"Dude! Stings!"

"Hey! HEY!"

"Sorry man. I love you, dude."

"Boys. I'm still free tonight."


"Quick, let's go watch the goats ram each other off Goat Mountain."

"Don't hit me with that."
"I'm not!"
"Don't hit me!"
"Not hitting, just touching!"


Friday, June 23, 2017

From Greece with Love

We have five Greek cats on the farm including these two...

Daisy and Buttercup!

They were lolling around together today.

Daisy is a foodaholic and spends a lot of time stealing or attempting to steal everyone else's food.

Still, she's not quite as plump as she looks in this picture. The camera adds ten pounds, right?

And here's Millicent peeking in the kitchen window. She rarely shows any desire to go outside, but today she stepped out onto the window box, regarded the world for a bit, then came back inside. After living her life entirely outdoors before coming here, then being left to starve, I think she has decided that indoors is where it's at. She is an incredibly sweet cat who is always asking for cuddles. She gets along so well the others, too.

And I got another poem published in Mused...

Flamboyant Goat. Check it out! I am just finishing up a book of poems which I will soon start flogging to published. My poetry teacher helped edit it and I am really pleased with the result. All the poems are about animals. We'll see how many rejection letters it takes before I get a "yes" somewhere. :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I gave it over to the cats!

Dear bloggy friends, I have not forgotten you!! I was doing 10-hour days getting ready for the fundraiser we had at the farm last Saturday (great success!) And now I need to go eat dinner, but I wanted to share some cats with you...

I tried to make this porch nice for humans, but the cats kept going out there and wrecking stuff, so I have given up and given it over...

I would love to turn it into a sort of Catio like my friend Trish has, but for now they have six window shelves instead of just two like they used to have. Not quite a full house this evening, but 5 out of 6 shelvers were occupied!




Honey (and my finger)


They look quite pleased with themselves, don't they?

I haven't forgotten you!!! Thank you for reading my blog. xoxoxo

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Cat saga

No, this is not #18...

Say hello to Oliver. He has quite a story. And after he is neutered and vaccinated tomorrow, he is going to a super-loving home in Ottawa.

Oliver is safe in our barn right now, but he has had a traumatic time of things.

A few weeks back, he started hanging out at the facility my friend works at. It is a huge place, and clearly he was dumped. He is perhaps 10 months old (I will get a better guesstimate from my vet.)

He liked the kitchen area of this place, so the staff put out a blanket for him and started feeding him and cuddling him. He is SUPER DUPER CUDDLY and calm, friendly and sweet.

After about a week or two of this, my friend talked to me about him and we decided that he would come here and I would adopt him out. So a week ago this past Friday, he was due to arrive.

But the Thursday night before, a rather dubious member of the building's staff up took Oliver home, even though he knew we were going to rehome him, and even though he has two cats and two dogs in his apartment already, and even though he has a reputation as a sh*tty pet owner.

So of course everyone worried about Oliver, and begged the guy to bring him back if he changed his mind.

Instead he threw Oliver out on the streets of Cornwall a few days later, on the night of a raging thunderstorm.

We were all incensed and thought we would never see this cat again. He was tossed out last Wednesday. My friend and her co-worker and a sister started searching for him Thursday.

This past Friday morning, I got a call. Oliver had miraculously been found, and was on his way to the farm. My friend's sister found him sitting on a sidewalk in the worst part of Cornwall, an area full of feral and uncared-for cats. She scooped him up and brought him here. I think what saved him is the fact that he is so calm and outgoing. Other cats would have hidden away.

And so, Oliver is now safe. Tomorrow he is being neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and health-checked, and then he is going to what I think will be his dream home in Ottawa, where he will live as in indoor cat with a new sister. If there are any issues, he will come back here, but he is such an awesome, laid-back cat, I really think this will work out!

Right now he is catching up on some beauty sleep and getting lots of love and attention from us and anyone who visits the farm.

And a POX on people who dump and abuse animals! We are all so grateful this story will have a happy ending... so many don't.

Yay, Oliver! And yay me for not keeping him... I don't need 18 cats! And I promised Gordon I wouldn't keep him, and Gordon believed me. He is always so supportive of my animal rescue endeavours.

Send good thoughts for Oliver for a smooth neutering tomorrow, a swift recovery, and a long happy life as a cherished furry family member.