Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Cardigan from Hell

Recently I completed the Cardigan from Hell:

That's my hubby, looking pleased because he finally got this damn thing a year and a half after I started it. There is no excuse for me spending that long knitting it. I have knit him a sweater in as little as six weeks before! But this one made me want to stab knitting needles into my heart. I hated the yarn, Lopi Lett, because it kept breaking, which drove me nuts. I hated knitting the sleeves because they were black and boring and I kept making mistakes when I foolishly worked on them at night by the dim light in our family room. I hated knitting the buttonband because I have only done buttonholes once before and not only did I have to redo them three times, the aforementioned yarn kept breaking every time I worked on a hole!

But finally the Cardigan from Hell is complete, and hubby is very pleased. Too bad he won't get to wear it until next winter; it is going to hit 30 Celsius here today.

I was supposed to knit this sweater on our cross-country drive in December 2004, when we moved from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Instead, I knit a pair of socks and only started the sweater when we reached our hotel in Vancouver. Yeah, I'm so motivated.

Now I am knitting a scarf, which is much simpler! But because I am a masochist, I just ordered myself this sweater pattern:

Pray for me.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

A crack only a plumber could love

Okay, this is for all you men out there who think butt cleavage is sexy. I was recently in Madison, Wisconsin and THIS assaulted my senses:

Are you going to tell me this fellow couldn't feel the wind whistling down his pants? COME ON! Ass-crack patrol is not your mother's job, it's not your girlfriend's job, it's not your wife's job and it's not even your buddy's job. It's YOUR job. Get a belt, get better-fitting pants, get polka-dot suspenders... I don't care, just don't make me look at this! I'm sure Mr. Butt Cleavage is a very nice, if hungry, man, but honestly, did I want to see the channel to his poop shoot? NO!