Saturday, February 17, 2018

Foster floofs and other tales

Things have been busy around here,  as per usual...

Did I even mention that Fanny has become cat #17? She is living in our renovated granary now with Mootie and Pip. They are having the time of their lives out there, heated floors and all. Fanny has really come out of her shelll and is a super-sweet, loving girl. She is enjoying the "Crazy Pants" and her cat scratcher.

Meanwhile, I have a new batch of fosters...

This is beautiful Carly, who is looking for her forever home. She arrived February 1st with her kittens...

...Giselle (top) and Harry. 

Long story short, Carly was someone's pet until she got preggars and was dumped at a rural home near me. She had two kittens in a woodpile in a kind couple's garage. They were finally able to live-trap the kittens and bring them to me a couple of weeks ago. They are about 5-1/2 months old, and while shy, they are coming along nicely with socialization You can pet them and pick them up now! 

They are being neutered and spayed next Friday, then they are off to their fur-ever home together, which makes me so happy! Just need to find a home for their lovely, friendly Mama now.

And last Saturday, I took in these two boys...



They were in an awful situation CAS (Children's Aid Society.) The mother involved  was told to get rid of the cats, pronto. So we picked them up last week. They were both covered in fleas and Jeffrey had a bad case of ear mites. Gordon and I took them straight from their filthy former home to the vet. Poor Graham has a flea allergy and bald patches as a result. They have now been vaccinated and treated for fleas. Graham is already fixed and declawed (UGH! I am against declawing!) but Jeffrey needs to be neutered.

Graham is 16 lbs of love! He is such a nice boy.

Jeffrey is fantastic too. Cuddly and sweet-natured. I wish I could keep them both!

In other news...

...our big lug of a Maremma, Monty, turned two on Valentine's Day! Still waiting for him to mature completely, lol...

And Elsa and Anna the goat kids are doing great!

We are having a "Goat Kid Yoga" fundraiser here next Saturday! If you are in the Ottawa-Montreal area, think about coming. It will be so much fun. 

Hope you are all having a lovely, relaxing weekend!