Friday, February 24, 2017

A knock on the noggin'...

So I'm not in my happy place right now... a week ago Thursday night, I fell and hit the back of my head really hard on our driveway. I was holding Monty on a leash after his neutering, and I looked away, and right then he yanked on the leash a surprisingly small amount, and I was apparently standing on ice hidden by slushy snow. I fell backwards flat on my back,  and hit my head before I even knew what was happening. I didn't even have time to brace myself; my neck and back don't hurt. I heard a really sickening noise when my head whacked the ground, and then I saw red and blue stars.

I felt dazed and upset but in the end didn't go to the ER (probably foolishly, but I couldn't stomach another ER trip after my horse fall a few months back!) Gordon did keep an eye on me, and I was okay except for a bit of a headache. I proceeded as normal Friday and Saturday. I even finished writing a poem last Saturday night! Then on Sunday I just crashed. Headache, dizzy, weepy, couldn't think straight, slowed down, struggling for the right words, and most of all, exhausted. I was also sleeping 12 hours a night which is not me. I was supposed to go for a trail ride Sunday but fortunately was smart enough to cancel that and stay in bed. I still didn't want to go to the ER, so I got an appointment with my doctor for Wednesday. He checked me out... so yes, I have a concussion. I will be okay, but I need to rest my body and brain, which I have been doing, although I find it really difficult, as I am always on the go and I suck at resting. But I am doing it, and doing extra meditation. I can't drive for a week or two and worst of all, I can't ride my horse again until June, because the doctor doesn't want me bouncing my brain around too much (or falling off!) That upsets me more than anything, but of course I will follow his advice.

So, the girl who wears her helmet religiously for riding horses and bikes manages to get a concussion standing perfectly still in her own driveway.. . story of my life!

I am immensely frustrated. I keep bursting into tears for no apparent reason, which I understand is a side effect of concussion. The doc said I could spend some time reading and on the computer but not to overdo. I do go outside for a bit every day. I am really careful walking, but I am afraid of falling. Chloe ran headfirst into my leg this morning and nearly knocked me over outside, and I was standing on bare ground. :( 
But apart from that, the dogs are being very good nurses...

Dodger and Chloe. Gigi was at my feet!

Wearing my "Crazy Cat Lady" shirt from RC Tees

And Toni from RC Tees just sent me this sweatshirt as a gift! Gordon did something nice for her, so she did something nice back for us. Gordon got an awesome "Catman" shirt. This cheered me up! Toni is the best and I love her shop. Check it out!  RC Tees

Okay, off to lie down for a while. Gordon will be home soon to dote on me. He is a very good and kind nurse. Doc said I can't take anything for my headache for another week in case it gets worse. He wants me to be able to tell if it does. So I have a heating pad which is helpful!

Meanwhile, don't you think Gigi bears more than a passing resemblance to a fruit bat?

Have a great weekend and feel free to share your concussion advice/experiences. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More animals in snow

Sandy had had just about enough of Roo the other day!!:)

This is Ella, my friend's beautiful Friesian/Paint horse who is boarding here.

She is lovely and has a very sweet personality.

Quite the beauty queen!

"Did somebody say CARROT!?" Ella loves her treats!

Poor old Saul looks like he needs a good scrub! 

I took this while Ella was hanging out on the snow-covered mountain of dirt in the paddock.

Meanwhile, in the goat house, Genny was relaxing.

Bambi, being cute as per usual.

Bambi's son Pierre.

Pierre and his maa-maa

Sweet little Bert the Alpine goat.

Pepper the Pygmy goat.

Pepper and his brother Salty. They both turned 5 on Valentine's Day!

Penny's daughter Annabelle. Definitely not underfed!

Finney and Sandy heard the word "carrots" too!

Dear Saul.

Fluffy Jimmy!

And here's Sandy having a good roll...

Feel better, Sandy?



Love this gal! She is blind in one eye. Sweet as can be and very fluffy right now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


We seem to have had a lot of grey days this winter, but over the weekend we finally got some beautiful sunshine...

The dogs had a blast this weekend.

It has also gotten warm, so all the snow is melting (which is a disappointment for me, because I like to play in snow!)

Chloe loves nothing more than to go under that gate and eat manure.

The goats are enjoying the sunshine too.

Geoff fell asleep sun-worshipping.

But Chloe and Dodger can play all day! Gigi isn't running around right now because she was spayed last week and isn't supposed to run around like a lunatic at the moment.

Dodger stalking Chloe.

Chloe is ready!

And off she goes!

I swear she has whippet in her blood.

These Jampups sure have z a zest for life.

I did take some pics of Gigi the day before her spay (she is doing great! Monty was neutered the same day and they are all recuperating well.)

She has the most amazing ears!

Chloe and Gigi are good buddies but boy, they play hard!

Nice fangs, Gigi!

And we have been driving Jimmy... he is an old pro at this!

Such a good little pony. He is a 15-year-old blue roan Shetland. I'm so glad we adopted him. 

Hope you are all having  a great day!