Sunday, January 22, 2017

Crazy cat lady... and dog lady... and goat lady... and...

I got this shirt a while back from the awesome RCTees. Now all I need is one of those pink, er, kitty hats to go with it (and cover the unruly hair!)

Last week, two new additions arrived at the farm!

Say hello to Salt and Pepper the pygmy goats.


They are a lovely pair of goats who needed a new home. Their owner treated them very well and wanted to find a good place for them. We are so happy they have landed here! They were born on Valentine's Day 2012 and are brothers. Pepper is the bolder of the two, but they are both sweet and friendly.

And they fit in like they've always lived here!


The cats have been keeping warm!

As have the dogs! I was reading my book this afternoon when Dodger snuggled up and fell asleep like this. :) 

And here is the beautiful Naomi...

And Gordon with Gigi, his little princess. Our friends bought Gigi a collar and tag that say "Daddy's Girl"... bahahaha so appropriate!

I always finding her sleeping on heat vents. I think she misses the Jamaican climate. She is about 5 months old now. I take her to puppy class every Saturday morning and she is doing great, except she has not mastered "sit" yet! Apparently it's not something Jamaican street dogs really need to know. But we're working on it. She's a little sweetheart, this one. She was meant to be here and Chloe adores her.

 Speaking of Chloe...

Stealer of hearts, destroyer of homes! Good thing she's cute. We're lucky if we make it through a day without her chewing something up, and that's with me crating her when I leave her. She is incredibly fast at stealing things off counters, out of pockets, you name it! I'm hoping she'll grow out of this. She does have 10,000 toys and bones, but apparently that's just not enough for her!

And last week, Gordon celebrated his birthday. He took the day off work and I pampered him. We also went for a short ride...

...there is a lot of ice and crusty snow on the ground so we just went across the field at a walk and back. We are supposed to get a snowstorm Tuesday that should fix up the lousy footing here. I have been walking like a penguin for a week now because of all the ice around the farm. I have only fallen flat on my face once, but there have been many other close calls. I really want a good snow dump so we can ride our horses without worrying.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fruit and veg party!!

We were doubly lucky here this week. A kind couple named Beverley and Ian have been very supportive of our rescue animals. This week, Beverley brought us FIFTEEN boxes of produce for the animals, from the Produce Depot on Carling in Ottawa. The produce manager Mo kindly donated these to us!!

We got the most amazing array of beautiful fruits and vegetables, including some cactus fruit and mangos! And the quails had their first peaches ever...

...and were VERY impressed!!

And also this week, the Nav Canada Centre in Cornwall filled two bins for me with their salad bar leftovers! They are going to do this for us twice a week now, so the animals will have a constant stream (and great variety of!) fresh fruit and veg.  Here are the birds enjoying some of yesterday's haul:

Buttercup came to check things out as well.

Carlton was so impressed...

...he called his brother Richard over to check things out!

And Bert was THRILLED with the bok choy from Produce Depot.

In fact, everyone was thrilled!

Genny is waiting for her bok choy. 

Nothing nice for the animals in the dead of winter than a feast of fresh produce!

Luc approved!

As did Hawkeye.

And Genny!

My friend Lori works at Nav Can and set up this whole fruit/veg thing through them. I am beyond thrilled. It was so nice yesterday not to have fill 3/4 of my grocery cart with fruit and veg for the animals!

HUGE thanks to Nav Canada AND Produce Depot. I am deeply touched by everyone's kindness!

Meanwhile, in the house...

...three Greeks (Honey, Archie and Daisy) were enjoying the central heating along with a Canadian (Pip in front!)

Meanwhile Dodger...

...kept a wary eye on Louise!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, January 09, 2017

Winter... yes, I love it.

I admit it, I love winter. Yes, it is probably my favourite season. I love winter, I love being outside in winter, winter winter winter! :)

Last Saturday we were enjoying it to the fullest at our place. A bunch of our friends came over and we had fun with snowmobiles, horses, inner tubes and sleds. There was a little bit of riding, too...

Sandy and some of the other horses pulled for a while, and our friend had his snowmobile for back up when the horses got tired!

And I was counter-weight on Luc's snowmobile for a while!

On Sunday, I spent a bit of quality time with my buddy Saul, and my friend Jackie took some photos...

He was enjoying the cuddle, but was also keeping an eye on Dodger, who looked like he wanted in on the attention! The dogs are very good around the equines and I think that eventually, we'll be able to bring the dogs along on trail rides.

Jimmy wanted in on the lovin' too!

Saul is the best donkey in the universe!

Meanwhile, in the barn...

...barn cat suppertime! It is a myth that you should starve your barn cats to make them better hunters. They are lousy, inept hunters when starving. Our barn cats are all (a little TOO) well-fed, and they do a great job annihilating vermin. From front to back: Missy, Emerson, Redford, Buttercup and Keaton.

And here is Daddy's little Princess...

Miss Gigi, failed foster puppy. We started puppy classes last weekend and she did great.

Yes, she actually fell asleep like that.

Gordon likes to carry her everywhere. :)

The cats are less than thrilled with the increased dog population!

Monday, January 02, 2017

Purrs and woofs for a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This pic was taken by our talented friend Deborah Wilson of Deborah J. Wilson Photography. It was from the photo shoot we did this fall, and I may have posted it before.

Meanwhile, our newest pup Gigi is making herself right at home. Here's a picture of her in Jamaica, right after she was found wandering the streets alone at about 6 weeks of age...

Amazing that she survived!

She is a sweetheart of a dog. She does like to try to sleep on our pillows at night, though. And she likes to wake up there, too...

My new alarm clock!

My little shoulder puppy.

She has fit in like she's always lived here...

And she is definitely Daddy's Little Princess. These two kill me...

The cats are coping very well with the onslaught of dogs...

I actually bought this bed for the dogs but I made the mistake of putting it on the kitchen table. Now it always has cats in it! Amazing how four of them can squish in there.

Pip doesn't mind being on the bottom. Actually, nobody seems to mind being on the bottom.  I think it's the warmest spot!

Three Greeks and a Canadian! Left is Honey, then Annuk, the Pip, and Daisy is at bottom front.

It's really nice having cats that enjoy snuggling together. Meanwhile, I think we need to buy an extra king-size bed for ourselves...

Dodger gets very tense, as you can see.

And Gigi is now following suit!

I hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve! Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2017. xoxoxox