Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shrooms in the bathroom

Okay, you know I like to whine a lot about the damp, wet weather in British Columbia (even though lately it has been sunny and hitting 35 C!) Well, here's proof of the wetness... a fine mushroom crop growing in our bathroom! And our bathroom is actually very dry and well-ventilated.

These babies keep popping up at the base of my fern plant and I keep ripping them out, because I'm afraid some cat will be stupid enough to eat them, and I don't know if they are poisonous! I don't know what kind of mushrooms they are! They look quite pretty and tasty but no way am I putting them anywhere near my digestive system.

Any mushroom experts out there wanna tell me what I've got going here? Are they edible? Psychedelic? Deadly?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have been remiss lately in keeping up with the blog, but what can I say? My dog died, I got spayed, and we just sold our house! However, here is my offering to make up for things. Last year, we went to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria (over-rated and very over-priced, in my opinion) and I decided to test out our new zoom lens.

I call it, "Bums in the Gardens: a study of cheeks"

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Teal green

You Are Teal Green

You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you.
Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.
While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks.
Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have.

I've had a crappy couple of weeks, but I do like this!