Friday, November 16, 2012

Tobagan Tables

We ate lots of yummy food in Tobago, with lots of seafood (my favourite.) Gordon put his chef hat on and prepared a few fabulous fish dinners for us. We'd go down to the nearest pier and buy fresh fish from a local fisherman. One day we got a beautiful red snapper that Gordon cooked up for us.

A little tomato and cucumber on the side.

There was a very lovely screen dining area at the villa we rented. We highly recommend Marbago Villa if you're heading to Tobago!

Marta and Alan, the owners, kindly left us a bottle of sparkling Yellow Tail, which we enjoyed with two of our suppers.

Snapper with onions and garlic, rice with pigeon peas,  cucumber, tomatoes and a slice of lime (that looks like a lemon!)

On another day, we went for lunch at the Boathouse Restaurant in nearby Castara. It has beautiful beachside location. We got a kick of the nectar-sipping Bananaquits who were coveting Gordon's orange juice...

But the poor little birds couldn't reach the OJ at the bottom of the glass, so I helpfully poured a puddle onto the table for them to sip from.

One guy tried sipping from the straw...

...then everyone caught on!

Not a drop left on the table when we left.

Lunch was this calzone-type thing, made with fresh dough and stuffed with shrimp and cheese. Yum-o!

By contrast, today I spent my time wrapping and preparing my beehives for winter. My bee-keeping chores are pretty much done until next spring! 

I'm ready for another trip to the Caribbean...


  1. I love those adorable little birds sipping your orange juice. What an entertaining lunch.

  2. Oh, the birds ARE gorgeous!
    Jane x

  3. The beach behind those bananaquits looks divine. I'd go tomorrow.
    My only experience of the Caribbean is Barbados. I suspect that Tobago is a lot more laid back. Lovely.

  4. Love the birds! Love the meal Gordon cooked up. Red snapper is our favorite to get from off the fishermen here. So good. Look us up when you come to Grenada in the future!

  5. The birds and the bird photos are gorgeous. Wow!
    Pigeon peas...never heard of them.

  6. Every time I see you write Tobagan, my brain thinks Toboggan... and I'm all WTF???? Then it clicks.
    Love the avian visitors!

  7. Good thing I already ate 'cause I'd be hungry after seeing your photos! Cheers, XOXO

  8. I can smell the things that Gordon prepared. The fresh dough, shrimp and cheese sounds awesome.
    Yes, back to bees at this time can be a little miserable.

  9. those birds are too cute and not shy at all!

  10. Good food and visiting birdies. Now that is a way to enjoy a meal

  11. You had me at snapper.

  12. You had me to at Snapper = nom nom nom :)
    The Bird´s was soooo cute <3
    My mom too would LOVE to go to the Caribbean !


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