Friday, November 30, 2012

Yagger on the catwalk

After we snuggled with our friend Christina's mini-horses, we went inside for a fashion show courtesy of her awesome beagle, Yagger!

That dog can rock the catwalk. Doesn't he make a fabulous fireman?

Or are you in a penguin sort of mood?

A little sock monkey, perhaps?

Surf's up, dude!

And look, it's the world's most adorable football!

And just in time for Christmas...

Look at that face! He loves this, and has no shame about that "ugly holiday sweater." And why should he? Yagger looks marvellous in anything!

But wait! Here comes PREPPIE YAGGER!

Took me back to my high school days in the 1980s...

After working hard to model his spectacular wardrobe, Yagger took a well-deserved rest...

Love this little guy! What a sweetie.


  1. Why Yagger, you look divine dahling!
    Jane x

  2. Just another day for a Super Model!!

  3. If Yagger is a rescue he was rescued from an all girl's school where they played dress up with him. He seems to have reserves of patience.

  4. What a cute dog a so many cute dresses.


  5. Do all the animals in your neck of the woods wear clothing? Frilly aprons on the cows, maybe? Top hats on the horses? Ours are sorely under dressed!

  6. Such a cutie! We liked his naked suit the best though :)

  7. You'd never guess what Lady Magnon was scouring the 'net' for yesterday..... Yup; raincoats for our boys!

  8. It's hard to tell who's the cutest -- the chicken, the kitty, the horse or the doggy. They should all get a blue ribbon!

  9. Strange that nobody sensible does that to a cat!

  10. OMG- so many outfits! Our Maggie would love to wear some of them. :o)


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