Friday, November 09, 2012

The chickies are all growed up

Our six "Muff" chicks born in June are all growed up. (Some of the original 11 went to new homes.) We ended up with FOUR roosters and two hens.

No-name and Watson.

They all run away when they see me!

One of the white roosters is missing from this pic. The two hens are on the far left.

Good looking bunch of birds!

There goes Watson, running past me again.

They love digging around in the shavings we dumped after cleaning out the chicken coop.

That hen needs a name. The rooster is Sherlock.

Sherlock has orange legs. His doppelganger Moriarty has whitish legs. (Thanks for the name suggestions, Barb!)

These six are all kind of wild, but they are a nice addition to the flock. Given their propensity for running wild and free, I hope they are good at outwitting predators.


  1. What a good-looking bunch!

  2. Do they ever give you the bird? LOL

  3. Keeping with the Sherlock Holmes about Mycroft (Shelock's brother but a name's a name right?).
    Jane x

  4. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Beautiful roosters. Must be noisy at dawn.


  5. One of my favorite new shows is "Elementary"and the contemporary Sherlock has a female partner named Watson--played by Lucy Liu. Your hens does look like the "brains" of the bunch, LOL! Loved to come by one day and meet the group:-D

  6. Sherlock is one handsome dude!

  7. They're all so nicely dressed. Are those their Sunday clothes?

  8. My, those are handsome birds!

  9. Love the photos in the trees. They've arranged themselves beautifully.

  10. Sherlock and Watson are gorgeous roosters!


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