Friday, August 07, 2009


The chicks are almost a month old now, and they are growing like crazy. They still make cute little peeping noises, but are looking considerably chicken-like:

"Make sure you get my best side!"

Now here's a graphic representation of the growth spurt:

July 9, 2009

August 7, 2009

The girls love to perch on their waterer.

"Am I not a beautiful chicky? And big enough now to peck out Chef Nick's eyes, should he come after me with the charmoula!"

Extreme chick butt.

The girls love moths, and fresh corn and...

CHERRIES! Nope, this is not the aftermath of a bloodbath. This morning I gave them chopped cherries. They went insane and quickly demolished the fruit, leaving red juice-spattered walls!


  1. They have really grown! Good Lord, it's a little scary. LOL!

  2. Anonymous7:16 pm

    yes i noticed in some recent pics that they are really starting to look chicken-like.

    so what im wondering now is about the egg part. do they just start laying eggs at some particular chicken puberty or is there some kind thing you have to do to get them to start?

    And being an egg addict mainly because eggs are so damn easy to cook and so cheap etc, i will be eager to know the results of your home grown, free range, fresh egg taste vs grocery store eggs taste test.

    you ARE going to eat their eggs, right? I mean it's not like they are fertilized or anything, right?

  3. They should start laying around the age of five months, so around December! They should be fairly prolific in their output, and Gordon's already got egg orders from work. Yes, I will eat their unborn children, I mean, eggs.

    They are so comical! One of then particularly likes to be held. I think she's the one in the picture where she's standing on my arm.

    We have names for them but I still can't tell them all apart. When I can, we'll assign names. The black ones are especially difficult!

  4. Scrawny little bastards, aren't they? But at least they're YOUR scrawny little bastards.

    And before you know it they won't be scrawny any more. You won't be able to sleep with them unless you have a Protecto-Sheet on your $4,000 Memory-Foam mattress.

    Let alone the noise when the sun comes up.

    Ohhhhh, yes, I knows chickens likes they was my chilluns.

    And I LIKES them.

  5. You know I'm just kidding. I loves dem chicks. :)

  6. They are just so OAFISH-LOOKING! =+)

  7. Chickens are many things, but I can't say I find them graceful!


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