Friday, August 07, 2009


Tristan loves to lie on this particular stair. He'll be upset when we finally rip out and burn that carpeting!

The dogs don't get rawhide very often but when they do, I try to buy them good stuff, and they are veeeeeery happy. Tristan keeps away from Sophie when he's gnawing, because she always wants to steal any toy or treat he has.


  1. Love him! It's so nice that he has his own special spot! We never gave rawhide until Sam was on prednisone and was always hungry. Now we have it around for Happy. He just chews it, doesn't eat it. For Biko we buy bullwinkle, she loves those. ;o) But boy do they stink!

  2. Anonymous10:30 am

    Too many fights over rawhide here. And because if one stops eating, another will steal and both will fight, they feel that they need to eat the thing all in one go. I can't imagine that that is particularly good for the ol digestive tract. So instead once a month or so (or more) i make the epic journey across the city to the only store that sells soup bones ... marrow bones cut into about 2.3 - 3inch pieces and buy all they have in stock.

    anyway T is adorable! maybe you could leave the carpet just on that one step! hahahha it would be a real conversation starter hahahha.


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