Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trio of cuties

The other day, three baby barn swallows (HWB, they are barn swallows, right?) were perched on the power line outside our bedroom window. They sat quite happily in the sun as their parents flew over the nearby cornfield, collecting bugs to feed the babies.

Sunbathing and waiting for grub!

There goes Mum! or is is Dad?

Open wide, Junior!

Bug-laden cornfield!

Babies on the line. This is the view from our bedroom. The dogs are being problem children... they keep running into the field (which isn't ours) to steal corn.

I need a better long lens for my Nikon. If you want really beautiful bird photos, check out Shelley's blog!

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  1. (HWB, they are barn swallows, right?)

    Yup... blue backs, red throats, forked tails. Those guys are definitely Barn Swallows.


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