Saturday, August 08, 2009

Peaceful happy chickens...

And who is that handsome buck-toothed fellow? (No. Not Gordon!!!)

This one is a little more mellow than the last one.


  1. Anonymous10:25 am

    lullaby and good night .... hahhah. and you put the llama in there because???

    Mr. C has a farmer's tan!! actually so do i.

  2. Are you going to clip their wings? Do you have to clip their nails?

  3. Frankly, I really just want to bundle up the chicks in some cheesecloth and snuggle with them. No, I DON'T WANT TO EAT THEM, since by that time most of them would have names. Like Fester, George, Darkboy and Aristides M. Souvlakis III.

    Hmm. I like the last name the best.

  4. Chef Nick... DUDE!! They are all GIRLS. They need GIRL names. Like "Souvlakia!"

    ::shaking head::

    Genny, no need for wing clipping. Chickens aren't especially accomplished aviators. I actually don't know about the nails... I think they look after themselves if the chickens have a normal sort of free-range lifestyle!

    Dr. Sloth, my farmer's tan is worse than Mr. C's!

  5. Okay, okay, I see your point. Ophelia, Brigitte, Mykayla and Devonette.

  6. This music is too mellow for these girls. I liked them shaking their stuff to Led Zeppelin...or was this the llama's influence???
    Theses girls were born to shake their tail feathers!

  7. You're right, Elisabeth. Those girls are wild and they need music to suit!

    Chef Nick, I very much like your new names! I bet Brigitte is way impressed you want to name a chicken after her.

  8. All the kids said, "Hey! Does Bucky live in the house now?!" And Hannah was happy to see Gordon, too!

  9. Nope, Bucky was just guest-starring! :)


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