Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peas and pup

The peas are still coming! Whoever heard of peas in August? Usually my pea plants are totally fried by now!

Aren't these blue-podded Capuchin peas pretty? I also brought up a wheelbarrow full of beets the other day, and that's not even half the beets I have in my garden. I need to start putting up some pickled beets asap. I have all kinds: various red ones, white ones (called Albino), Golden beets (my favourite), Chioggia (striped red and wide inside in concentric circles).

Beets are REALLY good roasted, if you haven't tried that. Cut them up if they're big and roast them at 425F (for about 45 - 60 minutes) with a little olive oil and whatever else (sea salt, herbs, garlic.) We usually throw in other things at the same time, like 'taters, sweet potatoes, parsnip, and my favourite veg for roasting, fennel bulb. I am growing fennel this year and it's doing really well.

Meanwhile, Tristan was gettin' some loving in the kitchen:

Nothing like a good massage with a foot to make a dog feel all relaxed and happy!


  1. I am salivating just looking at those delicious peas!
    I never liked peas until I tasted fresh ones from the vine a few weeks ago. Nothing like it!

  2. Wow- harvest time has begun! Sounds really tasty what you can do with beets. Have you made beet chips yet? I like them pickles as well. Cute Tristan! Is he jealous of the chicks at all?

  3. Yes, peas are great. I agree. But next to adorable Tristan getting some lovin', who remembers the peas?! What a cutie!

  4. my pooches love foot massages too! well, any sort of massage really, and they will lie down and roll over the moment you even just talk to them. spoilt, they are. wish i had someone to give me massages like that =)

  5. I only like peas from the garden, Elisabeth. That stuff in cans or frozen at the store cannot compete!

    Monika, I haven't made beet chips but that is a brilliant idea. Do you have a method? Tristan and Sophie don't know what the chickens are yet. So they have only heard the peeping, not seen the chicks! But after the girls move into their coop tonight, the dogs will get a view.

    Michele, Tristan is way cuter than peas. :)

    PP, I would LOVE a dog's life, or at least a dog's life in my house. I think we all deserve massages like that!


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