Friday, August 14, 2009

Beets, glorious beets...

Let the canning season begin! I started pickling beets today. I grew several varieties this year, so for fun I decided to do a batch with just the Albino (white, obviously) and Chioggia (white and red concentric circles inside) beets. This is a Bernardin "pickled beets with onions" recipe that I used last year and was pleased with.

Ta daaaa! The vacuum seals are popping shut as I type. These look like jars of apple pie filling.

Here's one chunk of Chioggia, next to a freaking air bubble I missed while trying to remove them with my spatula. Oh well!

Gotta go. Awaiting me is a delicious dinner from Chef Gordon: salmon filets with coriander/lemon/smoked paprika/brown sugar rub, fresh corn from down the road, and new Yukon gold potatoes from my garden. Plus somebody brought me home a tub o' Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia! And we've got the first season of Dexter on DVD, which is suitably warped for my liking.


  1. Wow, where do you find the time to do all those domestic things? Looks good.

  2. Hey, we have no kids to look after! ;) Seriously, though, beets don't take all that long to pickle. And I work at home (design/illustration/art) so I don't spend time commuting.


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