Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The gurlz are in the building!

Ladies and gentlemen, as of last Saturday, the chickens are in the chicken coop! And they have a fancy new feeder and waterer to boot...

The perches and nestboxes are coming!

Gordon finally came to his senses and listened to me, and we hired help to put in a nice subfloor to cover the broken concrete. Before the subfloor went in, Gordon covered the concrete with wire mesh so that nothing (like Chef Nick) can dig up from beneath in pursuit of a tasty chicken meal.

Here is Gordon proudly inspecting his masterpiece. That's our "farm vehicle", aka the Mazda Protege 5, in the background. One day we'll have a 4WD pick-up. One day. The Protege is also known as the Dogmobile (because the dogs aren't allowed in the newer, pristine Mazda 3) and the Trashmobile (because Gordon drives the garbage cans down the laneway in the Protege every week.) Oh yeah, it's also known as MY CAR, and it's black and un-air-conditioned, but I'm fine with G getting the good car, since he spends 2-1/2 hours in it every day!

Say it with me: "Oooooooooh! Aaaaahhhhhhh!"

While we got the coop ready for occupancy, the girls spent an hour outside in an X-pen borrowed from my Cairn Terrier-breeder friend:

"Guten Tag. Ve haf vays of making you talk!"

As you can see, this waterer just wasn't cutting it anymore, but it did make a comfy perch.

"What's that up in the sky? A bird? A plane? A chicken hawk?"

Blackie's turn to rule the roost. That's not her real name. I can't tell 'em apart yet. We need to band their legs!

This is Anastasia... I think. Anyway, she's the extra-cuddly chicken. I named her after my Irish grandmother, who had the sense of humour to appreciate such things. She was a great woman!

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  1. They've really gotten big, and the one picture of the black chick really looks like a velociraptor. Check out those eyes! Is your subfloor made of plywood?

  2. Golly golly gosh gosh! They're looking mighty plump! An amazing transition from only a few weeks ago.

    I forgot if they have names. I never eat anything if it has a name.

    My brother had two chickens -- I kid you not -- and their names were "Hors" and "D'oueuvre." They survived to a ripe old age.

    Very ripe.

  3. The naming of chickens is very important, especially when they become hens. Anastasia is sublime.

  4. I love Chef Nick`s comment about his brother`s chickens' names: Hors and d'oeuvres. Made me howl with laughter.
    Reminds me of one of my friends who had 2 pigs and nammed them Porgy and Bess. Unfortunately, they ended up bacon.

  5. Genny, yes, the floor is plywood. We are going to use the "deep litter" method in there, aka a deep layer of wood shavings on top of the plywood.

    The girls have names but I can't really tell them apart yet, so the names aren't exactly... assigned. We need to band their legs, so when I find a band in a pile of raccoon poop, I'll know who got eaten. Kidding! I hope. Gordon did his utmost to make the coop predator-proof.

    I agree, Frannie, that hens need good names!

    Elisabeth, Porgy and Bess are excellent pig names. I once ate Eddie-spaghetti and Bernie-burgers... I gotta tell you, I don't think any animals on the farm are going to get eaten!! I'm this close to turning vegetarian. :)

    "Hors" and "d'oeuvres" are funny names, Nick. But you are still a baaaaad man.

  6. Damn, I can never figure out how to spell "d'oeuvre" Too many vowels. We need to donate some consonants to the Frogs. Uh, sorry, "Les bonhommes français."

    Anastasia is good! But too Russian. Chickens are not Russian. I already named my raccoons Frankie, Hankie and Spanky, so those are no good, but let me think.

    Ethel, Methyl and Bethel . . . okay, no, really, let me think.

    And I loves dose chicks! I ain't a bad man!

    Just hungry.

  7. Chef, Chef, "Anastasia" is named after my Irish grandmother, who, given when she was born, I suspect was named after that Russian chick. :)

  8. Hehe- I'm entertained by reading comments here, as much as by your blog posts!
    I've got to say, that I rarely find chicken (birds in general) cute. Besides I've got bad memories of my grandma's chicken coop. I had to get the eggs as a child,and there were some real bad chickens in there, who would not part with them quietly. :o)Sometimes it was painful.

  9. When you decide to band their legs, how about some jewelry on those bands? It would be easy to tell them apart and besides, they are girls! They would love it!

    Chef Nick, don`t worry about the spelling. I too, get it confused sometimes. How about taking a few consonnants from the word`"strenght" since you were so generous...or maybe the french should donate a few, poor little word: only one vowel!
    Thank goodness we are not writing in German!

  10. Monnnnika! My cuddly adorable chickens would melt your heart! "Auntie Monika, please come feed us yogurt and blueberries! Cluck, cluck!"

    As for jewellery in leg bands, Elisabeth, I love that idea. But I bet the girls would spend all their time trying to pluck glittery baubles off each others' bands. They love shiny things!


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