Sunday, August 23, 2009

We have a winner!

The winner of my first blog giveaway is Megan! Megan, I sent you an email asking for your mailing address, and will get a copy of Katie of the Sonoran Desert off to you this week. Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy it! And thanks to everyone else for the great snake stories.

Gordon did a fine job of picking the winner out of a bowl, with his eyes shut.


  1. Any idea why third-party sellers on Amazon are pricing used copies for around $40 when new copies are $16.95??

  2. Insanity, or some kind of error. I think it must be an error!!!!

  3. Because they know it is destined to be a classic!! Right Knatolee?

    Hahahaha, after having just viewed all your piggy pictures, I find it amusing that my "verification" word is "hogged". OK, I'm easily amused.

  4. The Evil Gordini DIDN'T PICK *ME*!

    Evil, evil Gordini. I am already hatching plots to conquer you and your hordes.

    But I might pick up the book at Amazon, so you're temporarily off the hook.

    Temporarily. (Leave the gun, take the cannoli).

  5. That Gordini is a bad, bad, bad, bad, baaaaad bad demon seed. Sorry Chef Nick!

  6. Congrat to Megan! Boo for me! :-)


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