Saturday, July 04, 2009

They grow up fast these days

The chickens and turkeys my friend got a couple of weeks ago are growing quickly. I went over for a Canada Day photo session. Yes, all of these birds will end up on the dinner table, but unlike factory-farmed poultry, they are having a darned nice life before they reach that stage.

Wee turkey gets a little sun by the waterer.

Turkey-lurkeys everywhere!

Turkeys stepping out. "Work it, Wanda, work it!"

King is a lovely dog, but if there weren't a fence here, that curious turkey would be lunch.

"Please, oh please, can't I just spend five minutes with them? I wouldn't eat them ALL!!"

Such a lovely, fluffy bird.

"Look, if I can't have turkeys, I'd be perfectly happy with a couple of succulent chickens. You wouldn't even notice they were gone!"

Chicken carousel at the feeder!

Enjoying a rest in the shade.

Our own chicks are arriving this coming week. Preparations are nearly complete. Let's hope we can keep them all alive!


  1. Awwwwww!!!!!!


    (A little wordless commentary).

  2. hello. my first comment in these parts, i think.

    my neighbour used to have chickens and turkeys many years ago. the chickens were ok, but the turkey used to scare the living daylights out of me, especially when it decided to gobble. i particularly enjoyed the roast turkey they made from him :)

    btw, your word verification made me say "trolhosa" :)

  3. You cuddle them. Their fuzzy white feathers feel kinda weird at first, stiff, not like fur. They're very unsettled sitting in your lap. But they like it. And you like it!

    They kind of want to get off your lap but they seem to understand you don't want them to and settle down with maybe a gentle cluck as you caress their smooth foreheads. They don't know that you plan to dismember them, that they will not go gently into That Good Night . . . that the warm thing sitting in your lap will become the Warmed Thing that has been barbecued, sitting on your plate, and mighty tasty!

    That they do not know this is a GOOD thing.

    Pat them while they last. Then pat them dry and put some garlic and oregano on them.

  4. Chef Nick, you are a bad bad man! (As I pick from the tetth the chicken I ate a lunch.)

    PP, it is nice to see you here. Glad you enjoyed your turkey! I have to admit, one of these turkeys pictured in this post is likely going to end up on our Christmas dinner table. :0


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