Monday, July 20, 2009

In no particular order...

I'm getting a backlog of photos...

Berries, berries, berries! (Ronna, are these black raspberries, wild blackberries...??? They are all over the farm. Tasty!)

Dogs in pond. One day we'll get a windmill to aerate it so it's not full of pond scum. But the frogs love it.

Sophie and Tristan drying in the sun.

Sumac blooms.

A very young sumac just starting to blossom. The local stewardship council planted a lot of trees and bushes on our farm this year, along the municipal drain and down near the river.

The granary and barn, on a rare (for this summer) sunny afternoon!

But the storm approacheth. Again.

You can tell it has been a cold wet summer because my peas are still in blossom! In fact, I just had my first sugar snap peapod yesterday, and even that one was just a wee young thing.

Potato flowers.

Potato jungle.

Pumpkins and... broccoli? Damn, I think it was something else. Broccoli rabe? Need to check my list.

I grew three kinds of runner beans this year. I especially like this one with the two-tone flowers.

The vegetable jungle.

Rose campion and friend. (Sorry, I don't know what that bush with the pale pink flowers is. Anyone??) I do love rose campion.

A beautiful ruffled poppy. These self-seed every year.

Beautiful sunset but not the best shot. I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes and was having camera issues. Trust me, it was beautiful.

The house at sunset.

I need to take a machete to the garden. I can't believe the way things are growing this year!!


  1. Your garden looks very lush!

  2. Beautiful shots!
    We've had so much rain, too. But is making things grow, grow, grow.

  3. I think the shrub may be a pink potentilla:

  4. Anya, I think you are absolutely right. Thanks!!

  5. Yup, the berry looks like a black ones ripe, red ones not yet. They actually "walk" around and dip their tips into the ground to root for the next year. Kinda cool.

  6. Look idealic, and very relaxing.

  7. Wow! what a wonderful garden! Lush, lush lush!

  8. It's a jungle this year because we've had such a wet, relatively cool summer! But it's saving us money on air conditioning bills!

  9. My garden is roasted twigs and yours is such a beautiful, lush green pasture. I'm so jealous.

    I've resorted to starting seeds already to have a jump on my fall garden.

    Happy predator-proofing. There's always something that wants to eat them. It was always my nightmare. Last weekend, a yellow rat snake came by, probably attracted to the old chicken smell. They like bird eggs.


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