Thursday, July 30, 2009

Earthworms, anyone?

Can you stand more chicken photos? (Happy Wombat Boy, Chef Nick, I do NOT wanna hear it.)

Took the girls out for a spin in the flower garden this morning. Every so often, one would catch an earthworm and run around like a... like a... like a chicken with her head cut off, ahem, peeping at the top of her lungs, with the other girls in hot pursuit. Finally the worm would be consumed, if no other chick managed to steal it. These chicks go nuts for moths, worms, mealworms, you name the insect. They are also fanatical about plain yogurt. But mostly they are still eating chick feed.

The two in front were checking out each other's beaks. Or kissing.

All aglow in the sunshine.

A vision in fluff. I have been calling this poor thing "Runty", because she's the smallest and still hasn't got her full set o' tail feathers. No, Chef Nick, you may not flambé her. No charmoula sauce either.

"I see you, Chef Nick. I see you, Happy Wombat Boy. I will come to you in your dreams and PECK OUT YOUR EYEBALLS!"

Check out chicky on the far right. She's got a lot of brown in her face, unlike the rest of her black sistahs.


When these two are all grown up, they will be reddish brown all over.

"Hello, Dahl-link!"


Three weeks old and already so grown up. Wah.

Flower break:

Beautiful crocosimas.

Portrait #489: Chicken with kitten and birdbath.

Chick butt with marigold.

They are so cute! NO! YOU CANNOT EAT THEM!!


  1. LOL - I love your pictures, but you kept the best for last! :o)))

  2. Love the pix. Chicks are really darn cute...have a craving for KFC...

  3. Knatty,

    Of course you know I'm eternally kidding. But then you also have to know I'd crush them all in bed if I rolled over.

  4. Natalie,

    I don't have your email, I think, so this is where I must contact you, but it occurred to me that maybe I was out of line about the animals a couple of times.

    I apologize if I ever went over the top and somehow, by knowing you, I know you'll accept it. It's my eternally joking nature . . .

    But just raise the little guys nicely and before you know it they'll be big guys -- they are just like Foghorn Leghorn's "chickuns" and just send me a picture of my favorite little black one.

    I deem him "Alexander" in honor of some long-ago forgotten hero who conquered the world. He is a chick worthy of notice.



  5. Nick, not to worry! I knew you were kidding. You're hilarious, plus I know the chicks are too small to be seriously tasty.

    And it'll have to be Alexandra, since they're all girls. Maybe one day you'll get a dozen eggs from them. But you still can't eat them!!!!

    Happy Wombat Boy is actually visiting today, so I'm going to have to arm the chicks...

  6. Too cute for words! That last one did it for me too...or was it the first one...or second...or third?...
    Teenage chicks. You gotta love'em!

  7. Those chickies are too adorable! Their new obsession is fresh corn. They go nuts for it. That and yogurt. And moths.


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