Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Off to the fair

Last week, my friends and their four kids visited from Maryland for a few days, and we had a great time. We did many things, including visiting the Chesterville Fair, which we all enjoyed. I have a thing for goats, want some for our farm, and fell in love with this young Nubian in the goat barn:

And of course, I was all over the petting zoo:

Llama. That's her cria's (baby llama) butt to the right.

Hungry kid!

"Feeeeeeeed me! Feeeeeeeeeeeed me!!"

Big goat, little goat.

Alpaca. My friend Phyllis considers them to be MUTANTS.

There was also a display of some beautifully-restored gas-powered farm machinery:

Gordon chats with the gent who beautified and owns these babies.

Grain grinder!

Sadly, the tractor pull was cancelled due to inclement weather, but we had lots of fun anyway.


  1. Have you considered Myotonic Goats?

  2. As a matter of fact, I want them!!

  3. I always love Fair time. It somehow signifies Summer to me. I used to show dairy and pigs way back in the day.

  4. "As a matter of fact, I want them!!"

    You want them?


  5. I seriously love goats. It's this odd thing I've learned about myself over the years. So darned cute!

    And country fairs are so fun. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, can you send me your snail mail address please? You get a little gifty just for commenting on the anniversary blog. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous1:24 pm

    I think Phyllis looks a lot like that Alpaca!!

  7. Anonymous1:38 pm

    I can't believe someone would write something like that previous comment! no wonder they want to remain anonymous.

    Such adorable pictures ... including the Alpaca ;)... I love goats too. they are kind of 'special' little things, aren't they? I especially like them because my childhood religion used to use them as a contrast to 'sheep'. The followers of the religion should be like 'sheep' ... who would ever find that an appealing prospect??? ... and all the bad evil people who do not follow the religion are like 'goats'. MUCH more appealing. They are such clever, inquisitive, and charming little things!

    Petting zoos are the BEST.

    and talk about charming ... i always find people that restore those old farm things, and steam engines, and other things like that so endearing. There's just something about that .... and then they bring them to shows so people can see them. It makes me want to cry for the sweetness of it. (i'm serious! ... it's kind of like parades...they always make me want to cry ... and if they are particularly corny or crummy, i do cry because of the effort people put into them ... I remember this one christmas boat parade. it was pitch black out and i could see the bigger boats going by all lit up ..elaborately decorated etc ..and here comes a little boat (respective to the bigger ones) with just a big star on it. i was absolutely sobbing with that one ... i mean the people in the parade didn't even know if anyone was watching and they went through all that effort ... oh dear)

    ok feeling strange today...hahha.

  8. James, as a kid I would have loved your childhood, growing up on a farm! I grew up in suburbia, but told my Dad at the age of three that I wanted to live in the country! I guess we aren't always born where we want to be. :) I think your Dad was a dairy farmer, as I recall. Dairy farmers work so hard!! We have one particularly beautiful dairy farm very close to us, owned by Dutch immigrants.

    Probably Phyllis is the one who says she looks like an alpaca, but you never know. They're mutants, but they're cute mutants.

    Dr. Sloth, I would MUCH rather be a goat than a sheep!!!

    You'd like the farmers' Parade of Lights I once attended, where the farmers lit up their tractors and combine harvesters with Christmas lights and drove down the main street of a small town we lived near. It was minus 30 Celsius and we froze our butts off, but the parade was great!

    Michele, goats rule!

  9. Anonymous8:57 pm

    (actually i said that ... haha)

    oh you're so right. I would have been just crying my eyes out with that tractor parade. how SWEET of them.


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