Friday, July 03, 2009

Finally, I have something to show for it all!

Three and a half years after we started this project, I am finally holding in my hands the book I illustrated! Fedex delivered me my first copy this afternoon. I love you, Fedex. I can't stop looking at THE BOOK. I won't be getting any more work done today. Gordon is bringing home some celebratory sushi.

Next time I want to write and illustrate the book. I hope this is the start of my career as a book illustrator, morphing into book author/illustrator. But if I get hit by a truck tomorrow, at least I've got something to leave behind.

And damn it, there's not a soul around to show it to right now. The dogs and cats just aren't appreciative enough. I might have to run over to the neighbours' place with it.

I could have flipped this photo in Photoshop, but seeing the book backwards in the mirror made me laugh. Hey, if I make enough off the book, I can get rid of that hideous carpeting on the stairs and refinish the wood like we want to! That bloody purple wallpaper is going too.


  1. Anonymous4:21 pm

    congrats!!! the book looks wonderful!!

    Jill from NY

  2. Congrats. Can we buy one from YOU?

  3. You can, cuz I'm gonna order a bunch from the publisher, when they arrive there! (I am hoping that will be SOON.)

  4. I'm curious to see beyond the a copy for me too.

  5. Congrats--looks great!

    (Word verification thingee for posting comment: "ecroti." Which, for some reason, strikes me as creepy.)

  6. "ecroti".... too much like "necrotic" and "erotic"!!!


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