Monday, July 20, 2009

Kitteh Kredenza

Okay, it's not really a credenza. But it IS our new solution to feeding the cats off the floor (so that the dogs don't steal their food) and keeping them off the kitchen table. And look, all three fit at once: Naomi the tiny perfect tortie cat, Julius the fluffy orange Nova Scotian cat, and Alex the three-legged manipulator. "Manipulator" because when we saw him at the SPCA, he was all love and cuddles, but the minute we got him home it was, "Eeyuw! Human! Don't pick me up! Don't touch me! Okay, you can scratch my chin, but that's enough. Now where's my food, woman? Food. I NEED FOOD! Now. Now! NOW!!!"

Alex is beyond obsessed with food. I often wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that he was found in a leghold trap, where he'd been suffering for who knows how long. Some kind soul rescued him and the SPCA found a vet to amputate his maggot-infested hind leg. He's a great cat and very mellow, but he has his moments! If he wants food and you don't pay attention, he starts by throwing his metal bowl on the floor (it used to be on top of a small chest of drawers.) Ignore that and the plastic tray under it went. He broke two nice glass water bowls before we got a clue and started making the cats drink out of the dog bowl on the kitchen floor.

If everything has been thrown on the floor and you still ignore him, he stares at your until his eyes bore holes in your forehead. It's hard to keep him on a diet, but we do.

"Does this Kitteh Kredenza make my butt look big?" Well, in his defense, Alex is a big, solid cat but he's not as humungous as this photo makes him look.

I have much to post and there's a backlog of photos piling up. Bee stories, chicken stories, head-in-jar updates... it's coming. Yesterday at 8:30 am we went to help our friends take bales of hay off the wagon and stack them in the barn. I am now a whiz with a hay elevator. I am also apparently quite fit for a middle-aged fart: all the yoga and walking and slaving around the farm seems to be keeping me healthy, knock wood. I spent a hour heaving 40-lb bales onto the elevator and barely broke a sweat. This stuff matters to me because both my parents were dead before retirement age, and I am really hopeful I can overcome my lousy gene pool and live a long healthy life! Chasing around after chickens will no doubt keep me young.

PS: Wallpaper. I hate wallpaper. The kitchen has the least offensive, least floral wallpaper in the house, but I want it on record that I did not pick that stuff currently adorning the walls, and one day it will be GONE.


  1. I love the kitteh kredenza! Good idea! When Scout gets big enough - I'm going to have to put Marvin's food elsewhere. All your kitties look healthy!

  2. Anonymous8:12 pm

    looovvveee the kitty pics, great idea.
    I have to feed my cat in my bedroom (she only gets dry), so the dog wouldn't eat her food.
    But they do share a water bowl, even though our dog drinks from a raised feeder. It is funny to watch the cat stretch her front paws up on the edge of the feeder and just reach her head into the bown to drink the water. I think she knew water was up there by watching the dog. She does have her own water bowl in my bedroom though.
    I dont agree with cats on the kitchen counter so your idea is a good one. My cat has been good and barely jumps up on our counters or my dining room table. I have only caughter her a couple of times and that was years ago.
    My cat was a rescue always. A friend of ours rescued her and then found out she was pregnant so he brought her inside to keep her safe. I was ready to get another cat after I had to put my other one asleep. So I took her as I didnt want to train another kitten. Her kittens all ended up dying, so I am glad I took her and have had her for 14 years now....she is a love bug and doesnt mind being inside.

    Jill from NY

  3. We, too, have a kitty kibble spot, up and out of reach from puppy poachers. Couldn't live without it.

    I can't believe the amazing life of Alex. How wonderful that he's found such a good home and a good life with you.

  4. Michelle, Alex is a very funny cat. He's so mellow. I think that after you've spent some time in a leghold trip, nothing much else in life bothers you.

    Jill, your kitty sounds great! I wonder if she thinks the dog water tastes better? :) She's lucky to have such a good home with you. 14 is a great age. I wish her many more happy feline years with you!

  5. Shelley, is Marvin still king of the house? :)


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