Monday, July 27, 2009

Chicks' first outing

Ah, the kids are growing up! Today the chicks had their first outing. They are almost three weeks old now and are getting pretty adventurous. They moved into the garage last week (still in their big box) because we had guests for a few days. This week they will finally move into the chicken coop.

We've starting giving them insect treats. They go absolutely nuts over moths, not to mention mealworms. You want a frenzy in a box full of chicks, chuck in a few bugs!

We took their entire box out to the driveway. It took them a while to summon up the courage to move away from the box. They didn't stray far, but they did relax and have fun.

Stepping out! "I'm too sexy for my beak, too sexy for my beak..."

The adorable fluff-factor remains high on those chick butts.

The proud chick-daddy watches over his flock, guarding them from predators like hawks, weasels, Chef Nick and Happy Wombat Boy.

"Hi little chicky. I come in peace."

Yes, the chickens make me deliriously happy. No, I am not going to EAT THEM.

Pooped after a hard hour's scratching and pecking in the exercise yard. Back to the slammer with you, Buttercup!

Our friends' four kids got to name eight of the chicks (not that we can tell the chicks apart yet.) So far we've got Buttercup and Charlotte (courtesy of the 9 year-old girl), Duck and Goose (courtesy of the ironic ten-year-old boy), Yolkie and Ellie (thank you, 12-year-old girl!) and Chicky and Cupcake (compliments of the 5 year-old girl.) That leaves five to be named. Gordon is working on his choices. I'm going with Amy Elizabeth in honour of a chicken-lovin' e-friend. We'll see what else we end up with. No, Chef Nick and Happy Wombat Boy. We will not end up with Grilled, Scrambled, Roasted, Fried, and Teriyaki. NO.


  1. Yes - please hide those chicks from Chef Nick! I'm considering hiding my animals too - LOL! Love those chickies!!!

  2. I was going to suggest mealworms but I see you're already there. Our girls love us because we always had treats. You'll be so thankful later when you need to handle them (or catch them to save their lives).

  3. love the fluffy chicky butts.

  4. Aaaaah, okays, I gots to admits I loves the little fluffy tykes. No harms intendeds. How bigs is the blacks ones now?

    What's your address? Don't be shy.

  5. How's about Satay, Tetrazzini, Lemon, Tandoori and (in honour of Chef Nick) Blackened.


  6. Did you know, small bipeds (young chickens, commonly referred to as "chicks" included) are actually of the order "Tastius Garlicus Deeelectulus," whose species have survived for over, oh, okay, not very long.

    Thus, it best to freeze them, pack them in HappyKits™ and send them via FedEx to Nicholas Robinson, Cote des Neiges, Montreal, as soon as completely stiff.

    They can then be thawed and consumed as soon as possible.

    And yes, tandoori-style is highly recommended. (Just keep the spices down to really appreciate the tender morsels and don't forget the cumin).

  7. Chef Nick and HWB, it's a good thing you're funny, otherwise you'd be toast.

    HWB, I am NOT LETTING YOU NEAR my chickies this weekend!

    You are both veryveryveryvery BAD MEN. Monsters.

  8. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Oooooo aren't they cute?! they're actuallyu starting to look chicken-ish. and Mr.C looks so sweet there with his little chickies.

    :) he probably doesn't want to be "sweet" ok ..he's looks ever so MANLY!!

  9. Man with chicks = stud. HAHAHAHAHA!

  10. Hey, chickie babee! (That's Jerry Lewis from "The Nutty Professor") . . .

    So I goes outs wit' the chicks, times to times. You de-nighings my rights to hang out wit' chicks?

    So what if dere really small and black and fuzzy. I's alloweds to hangs out with WHO I LIKES!

    It's an inalien alien right in Norths Americas. So lays off me alreadys.

    (muted slavering noise):



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