Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Summer's here

Sophie says, "Pretty please, kick my ball again?!" But she has a knack for standing exactly in the trajectory of the ball, so that I kick it smack into her head. Not that she seems to mind.

Pretty mallow in my garden.

Mystery nectar-sipper. Apart from honeybees,I'm not good with bug knowledge!
(But sometimes that's a good thing, eh HWB? ;) )

A teeny tiny grasshopper who will grow up to be big and strong so that he can eat all my precious plants.

I stopped by the beehives today as I was walking the dogs. While I was crouched down and watching them, one got tangled in my hair (which at least is short.) It was a good test of my composure under stress. I managed not to freak out and slap myself in the head, but walked away with my fingers in my ears (because I had visions of the bee crawling in!) I waited and the bee managed to free herself and leave. I went back for another lookie-loo, but then Sophie came up and ate a honeybee (she does that) so I decided it was time to get the hell out before the sisters brought out reinforcements.

Both dogs chase and try to eat all manner of buzzing insects, especially bumblebees. They must surely get stung, but it apparently has little effect and does not act as a deterrent! So I just keep the dogs away from the hives.

Last summer: honeybee on fallen hummingbird sage blossom.

Hummingbird sage, while not hardy in this area, is beautiful and well worth growing. And yes, hummingbirds like it. I get mine from Richters Herbs.

Now if only we could have some nice SUMMER WEATHER! Hello, Environment Canada? Can you do something about that?


  1. I've got to find me some hummingbird sage. A perennial? I have the regular sage and it grows like stink.

  2. It doesn't overwinter but you can take cuttings and root them, so I will try to some for you!!

  3. Oh my goodness for sure we need sun and heat my dahlias need it! This feels like early May or something.

  4. It may be cool, but I've been sleeping so well at night (keep your thoughts clean).


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