Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rock-a-bye chickies...

I like to visit the chicks at bedtime, to give some of them a little cuddle. If you've had a crappy day, or even a good day, there's nothing like a little chick-snuggling to make you feel better. (No, HWB and Chef Nick, I do not want to hear about how coq au vin makes YOU feel better at the end of a hard day.)

The chicks are moving out to the coop this weekend, because they are getting too big for a box, and have started flapping up onto the waterer. One daring girl fell asleep on top of it last night:

She managed not to fall off, but at one point her head was hanging straight down, lolling about. These chicks get so relaxed, dude.

Gee, I wonder who's at the top of the pecking order?

My favourite bit is when they fall asleep in my lap!

"I'm in my pajamas! Don't take my picture!"

"You look cute. Smile."

"No! Don't take my picture!




But then, I suppose he can take a pic of me in my pajamas, cuddling chicks, when I have posted to my blog photos of Gordon like this. And this. Lucky for me, he's tolerant.

Peep! Peep! Peep!!

Meanwhile, there is much drama going on down at the beehives. Cuddle death! More on that in another post. I've had to suit up and open the hives three times this week. It's anarchy down there.

Other unpleasantries this week including finding groundhog body parts in my garden, guarded by a rather satiated dog.


  1. Chicks. Bees. Eggs and honey! How cute can you get, Knatobee?

    Don't roll over in the night. Or you'll have a very tiny shish-kebab on your hands. But I StIlL WAnT ThE BLAcK onE DoN'T ROlL OvER ON HiM

    Stalking is not out of the question.

  2. I thrive on cuteness. I dunno, though: cuddle death and groundhog body parts? Not so cute! And wait until a bee stings me in the nostril.

    And you're still eeeeevil. And you still can't have the black one! They're all girls!!

    But speaking of chickens, my friend's meat flock is getting the axe next week, bless their little feathered hearts. Guess who's buying a new freezer to make space for the five chickens she's getting?

    I'm such a hypocrite.

  3. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I think you're little chickies are going to be very tame, aren't they? I mean do they respond to being handled when young like other animals?

    I'm sure you are on your way to tofu dinners .. hahaha .. How about Mr. C. Will he go veg too?

    and yes, he is very tolerant ... glasses and pjs are NOTHING compared to what you're done... hahahah.

  4. Anonymous1:44 pm

    "your" i mean YOUR


  5. Anonymous1:47 pm

    OH GOD ... "nothing compared to what YOU'VE done"

    what the hell is wrong with me. ok what can i blame it on? too much coffee ... too little coffee .. not enough guinness

    must be SOMETHING ...

    maybe it's just better not to re-read one's own posts.

  6. Come on Knat... we all know why you're buying a new freezer. It's to keep parts of animals that you find around the farm.

    And I've heard that over-soaking a head-in-a-jar can cause its teeth to fall out, but not to worry, they can be glued back into place. Not that I could figure out which tooth goes into which socket; fortunately there are experts for that sort of thing.

    And maybe I'm growing up, or maybe the chicks are getting cuter, but I'm quite willing to let them get to egg-laying size. Am I getting soft? Or is it because I had some scrambled egg for breakfast, this morning?

  7. He won't be seeing his shadow this year. Early Spring thanks be to the dog! Or was that the other way around?

  8. I love reading the daily farm chronicles! Keep em coming, and pictures too! The chick have really grown already.

  9. Dr. Sloth: I hope you spell-checked that PhD dissertation.

    HWB: Your advice came a little too late for the teeth.


    Genny: Glad you're enjoying. The chicks are putting on weight before my very eyes. Chickzillas!


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