Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wee poultry

My friends just got a bunch o' chickens and turkeys. Yes, they are destined for the dinner plate, but they are at least going to have a nice free-range life before that time comes, which is more than can be said for most of the turkeys and chickens you buy at the your supermarket.

Right now, they are so young and delicate that they need to be indoors under a heat lamp, but soon enough they will be moved to their respective pens, with access to the great outdoors.

Wee turkeys!

Wee chickens!

Before long, we hope to have our own wee chickens. Gordon is now working on getting the wiring fixed and turned back on in the barn, so that we have light and warmth for our future laying hen chicks.

And for some reason, that dang "You must whip it!" song is running through my head.


  1. Aww . . . they're so cute! How can you eat them? I'd probably cuddle up in bed with them, the little fuzzy things.

    And that would be a song by Devo. Sorry to remind you. Sometimes I have six songs running over and over in my head.

  2. I THOUGHT that was Devo, but I didn't want to shame myself.

    And I ain't eating them! If we ever get meat chickens, I am NOT naming them and I am NOT dealing with them. Gordon can do that. My laying hens will have names, and a retirement home with us. Which means that at some point I'll probably have 184 laying hens, some with walkers, some playing bingo, some going to FLorida every winter...

  3. Okay, I lie. I might be eating some of them, depending on whether or not our friends share.

  4. What? No shuffleboard at the chicken retirement community? I'm shocked.

  5. Now I have that Devo song running in my head - LOL!!

  6. Snowbird chickens! Whoulda thunk it! Next thing you know they'll be on a Cruiselines Princess (registered in Liberia, by the way) sipping umbrella cocktails and eating spicy BBQ chicken wings.

    Oops -- no, that would make them CANNIBALS!

    YOU should eat them before they start eating themselves!

  7. HWB, we'll look into the shuffleboard!

    Shelley, sorry about that. :)

    Chef Nick, you are hilarious. It's a good thing I wasn't drinking my tea when I read the bit about cannibalistic chicken-wing eating chickens, or there would have been tea all over my nice keyboard.


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