Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fame! Fortune! Okay, well, at least fame...

I showed two hooked rugs in Art Fayre this past weekend, and when I opened The Glengarry News yesterday, I discovered a photo of one of the rugs and little blurb:

(Click on photo to enlarge)

He got the title slightly wrong, since it is "Turkish FISHIES", and the cropping is weird, and the orientation is wrong, but I am nonetheless chuffed to see one of my babies in the local paper. Here's a better photo of the rug. The words around the outside are an old Algonquin saying, and the fish are inspired by the ones I saw on ceramic tiles when I visited Turkey.

Turkish Fishies

Lately I've been writing my own verse to put in the borders of my rugs, like for this one I just sold on Etsy. (I LOVE Etsy!) As you can see, I have a bit of a thing for fish, not to mention using the word "fishies" in my titles:

Fintastic Fishies

Thanks to my ATC friends for inviting me to participate in this show. It was a lot of fun, and the work on display was just beautiful.


  1. Love dem fishies, even sideways!! You're a star!

  2. This is so BEAUTIFUL!! You are one talented lady. Soon to be famous!

  3. Wow, Knatolee, those are spectacular! You are an excellent illustrator.

    I want one! I want several! What do I need to do to get one???

  4. Great! I was so impressed with your fishies rugs, that I spilled a fresh mug of tea over myself and my desk! I've never seen bills suck up tea so fast. Holy mess!@#%$

  5. My! Such lavish praise! Thank you everybody. Monika, so sorry about the tea spillage... does this mean that now you won't have to pay your bills?

    Chef Nick, if you want to ogle more rugs, you can go to my Etsy page (click on the "Bug Rug" picture under the "My Creations at Etsy" banner on the right side of my blog, a little ways down, or you can see every rug I ever made on my website,

    Look in the "Fibre Art" section, under the "Rug Gallery" heading!

    When I looked back, I see I have hooked quite a few fish rugs. I seem to have an obsession...

  6. Those are absolutely gorgeous! Is there anything you CAN'T do, woman? Amazing!

  7. Thank you Karen, and ohhhh yes, there's PLENTY I can't do!!! :) But I am loving all the compliments.


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