Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Porch full o' cats

Our three cats love the enclosed front porch. They'll love it even more when we get the plexiglas out and put in the summer screens!

Right now we have three cats but only two cat basking-shelves. This does not seem to be an issue, since all of them take turns making use of the wicker furniture with the comfy pillows.

Here's Alex doing what he does best: lounging.

"I am cat. Hear me roar. Have you brought me my tuna, human flunky?"

"Our tails are pointing straight to hell, which is where YOU'LL be going if you don't get that tuna out here, pronto!"

(Naomi, on the left, looks quite large in this photo but really she is still a tiny thing at six pounds. She will always be our miniature cat. Alex is a brute by comparison at about twelve pounds.)

"It has been a hard day. I have only slept for 22 hours, but I suppose I should get up and eat something. Do you like my Hallowe'en cat impersonation? Does it scare you into fetching the tuna can?"

"Hello? Tuna? Hello? I am becoming impatient, useless human!! Bring it at once, before I flay your delicate, hairless flesh with my razor-sharp claws of death!"

The life of a cat is pretty darn cushy in this house.


  1. LOL your babies love some tuna, don't they! I am loving Alex in particular. That does look like a mighty rough life there! LOL!

    Hope you are doing well! Sorry I have not been by recently to leave bloggy love. Life has been nuts, but it's all good!

  2. I love those cat-basking shelves. Also the little Hallowe'enie cat.

  3. Gotta love those felines that treat us like slaves! Did you get Alex's tuna yet? lol

    Too cute!


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