Friday, June 19, 2009

Strawberry Heaven!

I was coming back from walking the dogs in the rain yesterday (because my dogs are completely undeterred by climatic adversity) when I noticed that my strawberries were suddenly ripening. So in the downpour, I started berry-picking.

The dogs patiently waited for the few bug-gnawed ones I found (our dogs will eat anything, and I do mean anything, including entire red squirrels and tomatoes and things that have been dead for a year), and I came back to the house with this manna from strawberry heaven:

Mmmmm!!!! I see shortcake in my future.


  1. DEAD red squirrels? You need the Dog Whisperer.

  2. Mmmmmmm, I love strawberries, esp. freshly picked.

    Very jealous over here...

  3. I would share with you Torontonians if you were closer!!

    And ChefNick, my two naughty canines will probably never lose their taste for squirrel. However, they do seem to have cleaned the gene pool of SLOW squirrels, and all the squizzies and chipmunks in our yard are doing okay. They just run when they hear the dogs!


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