Sunday, June 21, 2009

One man + propane + ignition = whole lotta happy!

Be afraid.

Be VERY afraid.

We've got a wee issue with weeds taking over the gravel path that leads down to the fields. Gordon, aka Torch Boy, is looking after it. We had a tutorial on perennial flower identification beforehand!


  1. Oh, Knatolee. You used to have polls on your blog. If you were to add an "I am afraid / I am not afraid" poll, you would definitely have one vote for "afraid".

  2. Does that work? How long will it take him to get the driveway done??? Can he come over and work on mine too? I'm not afraid! :o)

    BTW-the bills were paid, just not filed. Wonder what huby will think next year, when he'll do the taxes. :o)

  3. Your hubby's smile makes him seem quite innocent - but his weapon of choice says otherwise! LOL~!

  4. Monika, that torch is very good! We got it here:

    But I believe Lee Valley Tools sells them as well (same brand.) Sometimes you have to go back and do a little touch-up flaming on the weeds you've missed, but it's very good. We use it on our interlock and flagstone paths, and our very long gravel laneway. I don't do chemicals, so it'w great for us.

    That said, I'm not so keen on walking around with a flaming torch attached to a tank of propane, so I make Gordon deal with it. :)

  5. It's amazing what you kids get up to.

  6. I am NOT sharing this with my husband. And I thought the weed whacker was bad!!

  7. Be afraid, Freshisle, be very very afraid.


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