Friday, June 12, 2009

A brief lesson for husbands who are a little too fond of weed-whacking...

Okay, listen up boys! (Especially YOU, Gordon!)

This is grass.

This too is grass.

Yep, grass.

If you said "grass", you'd be correct!

Whole different kind of grass, and perhaps you mightn't want to weed-whip it.

Now pay CLOSE ATTENTION to next photo. I know many of you boys THINK it's grass, but it's NOT.

NOT GRASS!!!! Prized day lily, purchased last year, now an EX day lily.

I think that certain bearded husbands can make amends by bringing certain pissed-off wives a nice order of fresh sushi.

Pay attention to this lesson, men. Not all women are as forgiving as me! I love men, but God help me, you have your moments...


  1. Even men who bring heating oil?

    *tiptoes quietly away*

  2. I feel your pain... My poor butterfly bush has gotten much the same treatment.

  3. I love men who BRING heating oil. I do not love men who FORGET to bring heating oil, or decide to leave work early on a sunny Friday afternoon, rather than BRING US heating oil, not that I am even remotely BITTER!

    Steph, I hope your butterfly bush recovers. They are at least fairly resilient when it comes to amputation.

  4. Anonymous12:33 pm

    HAHAHAH Good One!

    AND ... I like the blog re-design. looks GREAT!

    And ... I'm MILES behind in reading your blog WAAA ... I'm afraid i've just looked at the pictures for now ..boooo. Except the following one about the cats on the porch HAHAHAHHAHAH ... love N in her Halloween cat pose scaring you into bringing the tuna HAHHAHAHAH GREAT!

  5. Thanks, Dr. Sloth. I keep thinking I should do more with the typography but at the moment I have more pressing things occupying my time! That typeface is called "Litterbox", which I think is totally apt!

  6. too funny. The Mrs. gets on me for laying waste to everything in my path. It's a guy thing.

  7. Hehe - sooo true! First year after I planted some lilies my son mowed over them. Now I show him every year, as a joke, because by now he knows it's not grass. :o)

  8. Okay, I have a black thumb and even I would know that wasn't grass .. poor lily.

    Loving your new header and look!

  9. I've missed so much - the bees, the book, the new look. Wonderful!
    I lost a low bush cranberry bush to an overly enthusiastic husband once upon a time. It was a bush for heaven's sake!!


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