Monday, April 24, 2017

Mud season

Saul and I are both completely fed up with mud.

Poor Sandy will be swallowed up soon! The paddock is a mess. Every time it starts to dry out, we get more rain! The equines all come into the barn at night so they can dry out their hooves.

Monty stays surprisingly white. He really is a self-cleaning dog.

And what's this?

Ella the boarder loves Buttercup! I caught her grooming the cat the other day. It was really sweet!

Buttercup loved it!

We have another cute interspecies friendship right here! :)

Gordon got out Sandy this weekend. I have five weeks until I can ride again (after my concussion.)

And the cats were being weird again...

Daisy, Mootie and Archie

Mootie always looks cranky but she's actually very sweet and good-natured. Very cuddly!

 And I got the cats a bunk bed...

I bid on it in an online auction to support a local rescue group. Brought it home and put it on the kitchen counter and ended up leaving it there for two days, because it was never free of cats! Finally I dumped them off and put it in my office.

The most I have seen in it so far is six cats!

And here is tripod kitty Alex, playing with tissue paper. We have had him for almost ten years now. Our vet says his whiskers are in the top 1%. Magnificent!

Dodger continues to spend vast quantities of time on our bed.

But Gigi...

...has started agility classes, and she LOVES them!

There is Gordon taking her over the bridge. We go to Shannoncourt, a great facility ten minutes from our farm. They bought the old elementary school in Martintown and offer a full range of services there!

Gigi is always a little sleepy after class!

Have a great week. I am finishing up my taxes today. :P

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Will spring ever... be sprung?

We have been having some crapacious weather lately: cold, grey, rainy and the farm is a muddy hellhole! After the deluge we got Thursday and Friday, most of the snow has disappeared. I took this pics before that happened. And here is Mr. Rudy!

Perhaps that should be KING RUDY since he is definitely top pig in the herd. It's nice to see the porkers outside again now that it's a bit warmer.

I keep thinking spring has sprung, but then we get snow or a miserable day, and I think, NOT QUITE! But the goats have headed back to Goat Mountain so winter must be over...

Debbie claimed her spot!

Debbie, Salty and Pepper

The Pygmy brothers Salty and Pepper again!

They definitely have the best beards in the herd, although Penny's comes close (yes, she is a bearded lady!)

The new guys have fit in really well.

Ninja and Cindy are super cute.

And here's Daphne, herd queen! The vet came to see her again last week. Since her Caesarian last year, she has had "crusty butt" issues we're trying to solve. I've washed her butt so many times now, I've lost count, and my barn coat is permanently scented with Daphne's unique aroma.

I just finished up giving her a week of antibiotic shots. As far as we can tell, she is getting recurring urinary tract infections, possibly because she suffered some nerve damage to her bladder during the C-section, and isn't emptying her bladder completely But the vet is still working on a diagnosis. I have to clean her crusty butt again... she has a sort of slow drip which is unpleasant for her. We'll see what we can do. Apart from that, she seems happy. All the goats are getting hoof trims this week.


Bert at back left, Ninja centre, Pepper right, Cindy in front

Cindy has blue eyes! They are a really nice pair of goats.

Pepper and Salty are sweet too. 

And here is my lovely Genny the Boer/Nubian cross.

I think  she was posing for me!

And Bert! I love this guy so much. He follows me around like a dog and is a little ray of sunshine at the farm. Hard to believe someone would leave him for dead on the steps of the SPA de l'Estrie at the age of one week. I'm so glad he ended up here. He's quite a little character.

These two are so photogenic.

Horns are good for scratching!

And there's Pepper the stealth goat!

Geoff the Boer goat is very photogenic. He's a nice boy, second in command after Kevin.

I love the white spots around his face and neck.

Annabelle, Penny's daughter.

Debbie and Annabelle doing some friendly head-butting!

And how do you like my lap dog?

That's my Dodger!

I am truly fed up with the mud here. The horses are ankle-deep in it right now (they come into the barn every night so they get some relief from that.) I seem to have mud on all my coats and most of my jeans. I have nearly lost my chore boots to the sucking muck on several occasions. This crap can't dry up fast enough. We're supposed to get some much-warmer temps next week (up around 20C!) but also more rain. There is some local flooding around here and the creeks, rivers and ditches are all running really high. We have some water coming in our basement walls (stone foundation) which only happens when things are super-wet. We also have three sump pumps working hard in the basement. Our house is on top of a hill, so nothing too bad happens here as far as flooding goes. I am glad we don't live next to a river right now!

But eventually it will dry up and warm up, and then it will be July and I'll be whining about the hot weather. :) I am feeling a lot better as far as the concussion goes. Mostly back to normal; still some headaches and ringing in my ears, and I'm resting more than usual, but I'm back to driving and running, which is great. Can't wait to ride my horse again in June.

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Kitty bravery and dog goings-on


Millicent is FINALLY getting bold enough to explore the house!

Don't mind my kitchen stairs that need a fresh coat of paint!

She is so cute, this one. To think she was left outside to starve last year! She's just a sweetheart, always purring and up for a cuddle. She and Naomi are good buddies now and Millicent has made friends with some of the other cats, too.

We got snow last week, then we got a bunch more today! Here's Monty enjoying himself the other day...

He does seem to love winter! I like to dig my hands into his beautiful thick coat. It's so warm! He has the option of various shelters, including the heated pig pen, but he's often outside, lying in the snow. I have been working with him on obedience training every day, as well as making him stay calm around his livestock. He is going through a chasing phase right now (wants to play with the goats!) which sometimes happens with teenage livestock guardian dogs. He's a smart boy... we'll get through it!

And here are Daisy and Honey...

....hogging a dog bed!

Chloe tried to get them to move, but no dice!

She tried to get Gigi to move, and that didn't work either!!

Last Sunday a bunch of people went riding at our farm. I can't ride until June, but it was a beautiful day for it. My friend's daughter took Jimmy on a trail ride!

And Gordon rode his beloved Sandy!

And we have two new additions...

Meet Cindy and Ninja, sister and brother! They are about 3 years old and are Nubian/Pygmy crosses as far as we can tell. They are healthy and well cared-for, but their owner had been boarding them and that situation wasn't working out, so he wanted a new forever home for them.

So here they are! That makes 18 goats now. They have fit in really well and have befriended Bert, and our other Pygmy goats Salty and Pepper.

Bambi gave a few head-butts, but otherwise all is well!

And I may have posted this pic of Gigi before, when she was rescued from the streets of Jamaica as a tiny puppy, after getting separated from her pack...

Look at her now!

She has the BEST ears! And she is an absolutely lovely dog in every way. I'm so glad we adopted her!
My head is getting better, slowly. Today was a pretty good day. I hit my head 37 days ago and am still amazed at how long it is taking to recover fully. I drove my truck this week for the first time since hitting my head, just a short trip to my dentist. It went fine but it was tiring! Slow progress...

Have a great weekend. :)