Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nova Scotia Lupins

My ATC friend Ronna has some pretty flower pics on her blog today, including a shot of her lupins. That reminded me of some lupin shots I took in Nova Scotia back in 2003, the year we moved from there to BC (and then in 2006 we moved from BC to Quebec, and then in 2007 to Ontario. And NO, I am never moving again. They can take me out in a pine box, although I am happy to wait 40 years for that!)

These photos were taken in beautiful Hall's Harbour, which is on the Bay of Fundy and has the highest tides in the world.

Yes, this is low tide, if it's not patently obvious:

Amazing eh?

And on another note altogether, today we ordered a dozen red and black "Sex-Links" chicks, due to arrive around July 8th. No, I am not making up that name, and I am not sure where it came from, although they are easier than other chickens to sex at birth, and so we are guaranteed a dozen hens with no annoying cockerels! Gordon got the wiring finished in the coop yesterday, and now that he has a deadline, I'm sure he'll be inspired to finish everything up very soon. Right, dear?

I'm back off out to the salt mines, aka my vegetable monstrosity garden. Gordon bought me a tiller today, which some guy was selling because his back was too sore for this crap anymore. I think my own back is headed that way. I'm too old for all this hard manual labour. My knees now make funny crunching noises when I walk up hill. You know you're middle-aged when your body starts talking back to you all the time. Someone else told me that you know you're old when you grunt every time you get up out of a chair. Great, I'm already at the grunting stage...


  1. I'm grunting with you m'dear, all the way LOL! Good luck with those chicks, they sound way hot :)!

    Beautiful pics, BTW.

  2. That's so sad that low-tide actually leaves the boats in the sand. I haven't seen that around here.

    Secondly & more importantly, you need to connect w/ the folks at (or could be single chicken, no s) They have a great forum for people like you and me, just starting out. I have heard of sex-linked chickens before. Anyhow, they'll have tons of answers from coops to predators. I'm Ms. Foghorn Leghorn but no longer reading regularly since my hens are gone.


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