Sunday, January 18, 2009

Working off the Eggs Benedict

We went to our favourite local place for brunch yesterday and as per usual, I was unable to resist the Eggs Benedict. Gordon was unable to resist the comics section of the Montreal Gazette:

So we came home and went cross-country skiing, since it has warmed up considerably from that -37 C we were enduring the other day. The dogs love it when we go skiing because we move faster.

Knatolee Nanook of the North and her Arctic wolf friends.

Tristan sports a snow beard.

Sophie gets lazy and finds it easier to walk in Gordon's ski tracks, rather than make her own path in the snow!

Gordon takes a break while Sophie runs to Mummy!

Spot the skier!

I think these two love winter more than summer! The snow seems to energize them. Or maybe they just need to keep running to stay warm.

It's difficult to tell from this photo, but Gordon is at the top of a very large hill on our property. The dogs are waiting for him to get going so that they can run down alongside him. The hill is GREAT for sledding.

And at the end of skiing, the dogs go into the frozen creek, no doubt to look for muskrats. There is a corrugated metal tunnel down there that runs under a dirt "bridge." The dogs love running in and out of the tunnel.

One dog goes in...

Two dogs come out!

Sophie hauls herself through the deep snow on the bank.

And they both listen a little too intently to something moving around under the ice, in the creek. "Leave the muskrats alone, you two!!!"

Back home, Sophie waits for Daddy to emerge from the garage after taking off his skis..

And inside, we all get toasty warm...

Sophie loves to get her butt scratched. Try not to notice the appalling amount of pet hair on G's ski pants.

The old homestead in winter, a classic turn-of-the-century Ontario farmhouse design. We need to get that old TV aerial antenna taken down, as bits of it have been blowing off in windstorms and landing on the roof. I am waiting to be impaled one day.

Oh, and...

There was a big ole flock of wild turkeys near our house when we drove up the laneway yesterday. I leaned over Gordon and took this photo.

Happy January!


  1. Anonymous10:10 am

    What an absolutely perfect day!

  2. I loved this trip thru the snow w/ you and the dogs! Felt like I was there! They certainly love the snow!

  3. You live in a picture postcard...

  4. How wonderful a life you live!

  5. You've received an award, come and see on my blog. :o)

  6. I love the one of the two dogs running in the snow. And of course Sophie trying to get herself up the big slope. They're the cutest!

    I can only imagine how exhausted they were.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  7. Sadly, they never seem exhausted enough! :)

    I think we're going to ski again today. Thanks for all the nice comments, everybody. I love that!

  8. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Godddddddd....I LOVE your blog :))

    I've suddenly gotten too busy for social email but I do manage to faithfully to keep up with your blog ... and this one was GREAT!

    The pic of Mr. C and the comics is adorable. :))

    and all that skiing ... what can anyone say but that IS paradise!!

    I think those two dogs are the just about the happiest babies in the WORLD. I just laughed out loud (for happiness) when I saw the pic of them full-out running. What a happy life they have.

    I love how they're waiting for G to get going so they can run alongside...too CUTE.

    and then back inside all nice and warm and happily tired. just does my heart good to see these pics. :)

    Beautiful ol farmhouse...yeah lose the antenna. ;) and you need to start saying "turn of the previous century" farmhouse!!

    and p.s. Kelly is a butt-scratch goil too.

    Yours truly,
    Dr. Sloth

  9. I'm guessing that you don't have an issue with fleas, right? I sometimes wish for one good snow or freeze to kill off all the fleas, mosquitos and various other bugs.

    It looks just stunning up there with all the snow.


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