Sunday, January 25, 2009

That ain't no warbler...

One lone turkey (a girl, I think) has been hanging around our feeders every day lately. This morning I looked out my office window, and there she was, feasting on seed that had dropped on the ground. A few minutes later, I looked again, and saw this:

That platform feeder is about three feet off the ground. I'm amazed Miz Turkey-Lurkey was nimble enough to jump up there and squeeze in. The pole is now tilting quite a bit; I guess there's a BIT of a weight difference between a blue jay and a wild turkey!! Just a bit.

Then my fluffy orange guy Julius hopped up to the window. At first he was completely oblivious and proceeded to give himself a thorough bath:

But when the turkey hopped down, Julius snapped to attention.

Miz Turkey Lurkey was not perturbed by the cat's presence, no doubt in part because the turkey weighs at least double what the cat does!

I'm glad my dogs don't go after the turkeys. My neighbours' dog, a lovely GSD-mix named King, is quite fond of bagging turkeys. The other day he brought home HALF a wild turkey to my friend. We are not speculating on what happened to the other half.

ADDENDUM: My (American) friend's Mom just came up with THE BEST name for the turkey: Hillary. This is because "In America, Hillary has become known as a woman who wants it all!" Hee hee heeeeee!


  1. Frisky turkey!! By the way, I finally got my issue of Birds & Blooms and whose cute face did I see in the article "why I feed the birds" - why it was yours! So neat to see you in there!! Congrats!

  2. Hilarious, eh? They asked for an outdoor photo!

    This turkey needs a name! She's a regular visitor to the feeders now.

  3. Anonymous8:21 pm

    What a beautiful bird!! I love the little Julius awareness essay. :))


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