Friday, January 02, 2009

Ah, back to normal!

Yaaaaaaay! Satellite is working again! And so I bring you MORE KITTY LOVE! Alex and Naomi, the eternal luuuurve story.

I was sitting at my desk just now when I turned around and found this going on:

Alex was giving Naomi a thorough bath and she was in seventh heaven!

Make sure you don't miss a spot, Alex.

All that bathtime tires a kitty out!


They are so adorable. If I do say so myself!


  1. Alex and Naomi are so adorable it even almost makes me want to get a few cats again.

    Well OK not really.

    But I am in love with the Alex and Naomi love story. You've got two great cats there Knat. I'm glad at least somebody does... :)


  2. Anonymous11:13 am

    god they ARE adorable!!! Great pictures :D ... what a life :)

  3. It so wonderful to see how much these 2 love each other! Great photos!

  4. Lovely pictures - what a love-fest!!! I wish mine all got on that well - they have cabin-fever bigtime right now - always someone snarling it seems, with a "yeah what?" in return.

  5. Anonymous9:21 pm

    So incredibly cute! Beautiful marvelous wonderful kitties!

  6. so so cute!..Love their 'love-nest'!

  7. The kitties thank you for all the adoration. ;) And I greatly enjoy getting comments on my blog.

    I have never had cats who are so fond of each other like this. Hmmm, what will happen after Naomi's spay this Friday?!?!

  8. And Beth, remember Zoe, the cat who peed on EVERYTHIGN,and I do mean EVERYTHING, I owned? :) I miss her lots, but I don't miss that! (Which fortunately had stopped for the last few years of her life!)

  9. Quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  10. Your grey kitty looks just like one that I have named Murray, except Murray has borderline mental health problems that would never allow for the cuddliness provided in these pics.

  11. Yes, at present my house is refreshingly free of cats with mental health problems!! :) It's a miracle, really, given that we have three cats.


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