Sunday, January 11, 2009

All "fixed"

Wee Naomi kitty had her spay operation on Friday. I opted for laser surgery and I'm glad I did, because she recovered incredibly quickly. By Saturday morning she was her completely normal self! I have one more anti-inflammatory to give her tonight and that's that. I tell ya, it took me six weeks to recover from a hysterectomy, and it took her six minutes to recover from the same operation... somebody 'splain to me!

She's camouflaged in this bed!

She's still a tiny thing, and the sweetest cat I have ever had (sorry Alex and Julius!) This morning I woke up with her cuddled up against my chest, with my arms around her. Such a little cutie. Gordon and I continue to be completely smitten with her. Right now she is watching my computer screen with great interest as I type.

My face looks a bit red because I overdid it with the logs in the wood/oil furnace and it's 25C in the house right now, which is a bit much. We normally like it around 20 - 21C.

And 'scuse my hat-head. We went cross-country skiing this afternoon and for once, Gordon fell on his butt instead of me! Amazingly, I stayed upright the whole time. I am more of a risk-taker than G is, and usually I pay for it with a wipeout or two. I think yoga has hugely improved my balance. We have one very large hill on our property that we skiied down twice. I screamed like a girl both times, while G was stoically silent, even as he fell over and lay on his back in the snow floundering like a beached... fish. The dogs were very helpful. They went to lick his face, then Tristan sat beside him as if he were guarding his master's corpse. Finally they got bored and ran back to me at the top of the hill.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, with sparkly virgin snow and the temp around -9C. Perfect! I get quite warm skiing so I don't mind it being cold outside. However this week is supposed to get increasingly bitter, with a high of -20C on Thursday and a low of, ugh, -30. It's that time of year! Surani, I wish I were in Sri Lanka or Singapore.

(I still hate my office wallpaper. I hope that this year we can finish all our wallpaper-stripping and redecorating because it's starting to drive me nuts!)


  1. I didn't realize they now have laser surgery for kitties! Glad Naomi recovered fast - she is just a cute little thing!

  2. I wonder how widely that laser procedure is available? What a sweetie she is!

  3. Anonymous5:32 pm

    OK you're just trying to make me PEA-GREEN, aren't you???? skiing on your own farm!! damn.

    OK I'll recover. Naomi is darling as usual and it AINT FAIR that she recovers so quickly and us hoomans take forever.

    I love Mr. Caber's stoically falling over HAHAHAHAHAH ...and then T guarding his corpse ... until it begins to look like mommy is wee bit more fun. :DD

    and you look like the Picture of Health!!! :) The fahm-lfe does agree with you :)

    Yours truly,
    Dr. Sloth

  4. Oh my! Been never in a place that cold, ever! And here I am wishing I was there just to see what it's like to freeze my bum off! How come your's hasn't fallen off yet?

  5. Shell and Anna, the laser surgery is a new thing at our vets' practice. But given how quickly Naomi has recovered, I highly recommend it! I think it was an extra $65 over regular surgery, and she didn't have to stay overnight (she would have with the conventional surgery.)

    Surani, my bum hasn't fallen off because I had it fused to my spine so that there wouldn't be issues every January and February. HAHAHAH!


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