Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Komputer Kitty

Naomi is quite fascinated by TV and computer screens. Yesterday she met the Maukie, the animated cat on my Google homepage, and the Google Spider.

"Good morning. May I help with your typing?"

"Oooh, look! A kitty! And she's black like me!"

"I know I can catch it if I just keep swatting at it."

"Maybe it's gone behind the computer!" (Spot the cat)

"Happy Winter to all my adoring fans. Send fishy treats!"


  1. Anonymous9:29 am

    Naomi, you crack me up....Auntie Phyllis

  2. Anonymous9:48 am

    Ohhhhhh GODDDDDDDDD those are ADORABLE pictures!!! The second one is especially excellent. that's a photo contest winner!!

    Verrrryyyyy CUTE!!!

  3. Anonymous4:07 pm

    I have Maukie on my Google homepage too!! Your little tortie is adorable!

  4. I would gladly send that kitty fishy treats!!! She's is just so darn cute and inquisitive!

  5. I have to say, if I do say so myself, she is the sweetest cat I've ever had. We are so glad she chose to turn up on our driveway late that night in September, meowing her head off so loudly that I heard her from my bed!

    She fetches, she rides around on our shoulders, she purrs constantly, and she's the happiest little thing. She has us all wound around her little paw. Such a good girl! And so tiny. And of course, Alex is sooo in love.

  6. Ooooooooh...I love Maukie too. Careful Naomi doesn't ditch Alex for Maukie ;o)


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