Friday, January 30, 2009

Another walk in the woods..

We got 25 cm of new snow on Wednesday. I went snowshoeing in the woods yesterday, late in the afternoon. Very pretty!

Sophie waits for me.

I can't remember what these thorny bushes are called, but they're all over the farm. Yes, they're SHARP.

The winter sun slowly setting.

Sumac tree providing a bit of colour.

Sophie in deeper snow, waiting for me again. Tristan goes off without a backwards glance, checking in occasionally, but Sophie mostly stays close to me when we walk.

You can see how deep the snow is when my snowshoe is completely covered by it!

And lift off!

I love her snowy nose. She likes to eat snow as she runs along. She reminds me of a baleine whale eating krill.

Mr. Icebeard wishing I'd hurry the hell up and take the photo already!

Snow buntings line the granary roof.

Self-portrait in the woodlot. My nose and cheeks are red because of the cold, not excessive vodka.

I found a small nest in a tree, filled with snow.

Sophie running, ears flying...

The creek is under all the softly undulating snow.

Snow buntings and the bird bath. Check Wednesday's post and you'll see how much higher the snow is around the birdbath now!

Looking over at our neighbours' fields. The sky was such a nice shade of blue.

And inside, we have Julius getting his belly rub. He has lost some fur on his belly and hind legs. The vet says it's fine, a normal thing in aging neutered cats. Apparently it's hormonal. Time to get him some Rogaine!

Naomi snoozing on the lovely crocheted blanket her Auntie Mary made for me!

Alex doing his best to leave cat fur on our couch.

He is SO mellow. I can't imagine him spending hours, maybe days, in a leghold trap, suffering. Maybe nothing seems bad in comparison to that, which is why he's such a happy, laid-back boy now. I love his long whiskers. He's a total food addict, though. If his dish is empty, he'll start by knocking it back and forth against the wall. If you ignore that, he pushes it off the chest of drawers it's on and onto the floor. If you ignore that, he tosses the water bowl onto the floor! (I have, after two broken dishes, learned to use metal ones.) He'll also start pushing everything and anything off the kitchen table. He loves doing that.

And lastly, the dogs. Sophie walked in, plonked herself down next to Tristan, and proceeded to growl at him, as if he had invaded HER bed. She's such a b*tch!!

PS: Today is my very special day, the day my Mum had me many moons ago! :) Somebody (Gordon) got me a video camera as a gift, so I may add a few videos to the blog in the future. Somebody (Gordon) made me blintzes for brunch, and tonight we are off to dinner at what I consider the one decent upscale restaurant in Cornwall. I love birthdays!


  1. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Happy Birthday! January is a special month for both of you as you celebrate your special days. Enjoy your dinner out!

    We're back to mild, wet rain here in BC - and I'm not complaining when I see all the snow that you have! While it's beautiful to look at and walk in, I do much better in the milder temperatures!

    Hope Gordon's made you a yummy cake or dessert! Michelle

  2. Excellent photo essay!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    I'm sure Sophie is very protective of her mom while out walking...

    Are the thorny things a mesquite tree? I'm not sure if they have those there?

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  4. Happy birthday! I hope your day was wonderful. Your winter pictures are so lovely. We've had a little snow, followed by an ice storm that covered everything in an armor of silver. Your bush looks like a flowering quince. And little Naomi is really growing!

  5. Happy Birthday! :o)

  6. Sadly, no mesquite trees here (sad because I'd be harvesting the wood for my barbecue!) It's some weedy thing that grows wild around here. The thorns are brutal, though.

    Thanks for all the bd wishes. And Genny, Naomi weighs five pounds now, but she seems to be lengthening. :)

  7. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Belated birthday wishes!
    Those are hawberry trees/bushes! Haweaters is the special name given to those born on Manitoulin and of course, there are loads of hawberry bushes here. They will have berries this summer which make a wonderful jelly.

  8. Oh thank you, Freshisle!!! I kept thinking "Hawthorn" and knew that wasn't quite right. There are tons of them around here so I will watch for the berries this year.


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