Saturday, January 10, 2009

They feel at home now.

The dogs feels at home now. We adopted Sophie in Tristan in November, 2007. For the first year they were here, they were perfect angels. They didn't destroy things, didn't get into the garbage can, were all around very well-behaved (apart from assassinating the odd muskrat or squirrel.)

Since the first anniversary, things have started to change! I shut the dogs in my office when I go out. Now if I don't hide my garbage can, I come home to trash all over the floor. Once I foolishly left my box of tissues in the floor, and returned to a Kleenex-littered office. Another time somebody got into my recycle bin and spread paper everywhere.

For the most part, I have smartened up and no longer leave anything tempting within the dogs' reach. But on Thursday, I forgot about my Modern Dog magazine, lying on the floor next to my desk. When Gordon let the dogs out of the room, Tristan was proudly carrying THIS in his mouth:

Not the bottom right corner. I can't tell if this means he LOVES Modern Dog, or hates it!

And it still smelled tempting the next day when it was OFF the floor:

Yesterday, he sauntered into my office and gave me this:

I store extra toilet paper rolls in a basket on the floor of the downstairs bathroom. I have now relocated that, since the dogs are obviously obsessed with shredding/tasting/chewing paper products! :)

I am still trying to decide whether or not this particular roll is salvageable...

"I am innocent until proven guilty! Where's my lawyer!!??"


  1. Too hard to get mad at a beautiful face like that!!

  2. He looks so innocent in that picture! Innocent until proven guilty, I say.

  3. I love Tristan.
    he and Duncan must IMing each other!!!

  4. Emma says that Tristan is a good boy! He's a shopaholic. It's an addiction and he cannot help it.

    Emma "shops" in Kevin's office to see if there is anything worth shredding (flavored kleenex. yum!).

  5. Anonymous5:41 pm

    that tp is very usable! One time I left one of those giant packages of costco tp on the back of the motorcycle just for about 20 mins while I went to a neighbor's house.

    when i got back I discovered that my darling Wallace had pulled it down and had strewn tp all over the little area. I was using rolls that were only half there ... and I mean like the right half was there and most of the left half missing for weeks. I even used it as a wad piled on the back of the toilet that I'd collected off the ground.

    I have no pride ... and too cheap to throw it out!

    anyway he must have had a very good time. Fortunately, none of them have shown any interest in wastebaskets or tp on the roll.

    Well ANYWAY... i was going to mention that I'm happy that your dogs have turned out to be real dogs. a year ago I was afraid that you'd gotten a hold of some Stepford Dogs, they were sooooo well behaved! :))

  6. You should encourage Tristan to bring you toilet paper, you never know, you might need his services one day.


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