Friday, January 16, 2009

Stepford dogs

My friend "Dr. Sloth" was convinced Gordon and I adopted Stepford Dogs, since they were so well-behaved for the first year they lived here. Apparently they are now convinced they get to stay, and their true natures are emerging! Dr. Sloth is quite happy now that Sophie and Tristan are getting into a bit of mischief. The other day I walked into my office and discovered this:

The recycle box had been tucked away under my desk, to spare the dogs temptation, but clearly someone figured it out. At least they didn't completely empty the contents onto the floor, unlike last time.

"What, me? I didn't do it? What? What's this in my mouth? Nothing. It's not a piece of Kleenex box. Not at all! Well, maybe it is, but I was walking by and it JUMPED into my mouth. I couldn't help it. I am innocent!! INNOCENT!!!!!! Where's my lawyer?"

Yesterday I was making dinner and Tristan sauntered in with a granola bar wrapper in his mouth. Uh-oh! I checked my office and found that SOMEBODY (I blame Sophie) had knocked my little trash can off the top of my bookshelf. The shelf is not very high; the top is at dog-head height, but I was hoping it was enough to dissuade the dogs from garbage-picking. Wrong! Rubbish spread all over my office floor... thanks, kids. Today I am going to buy myself a tall trash can with a lid. Apparently I need a recycle box with a lid, too.

These dogs are obsessed with paper. Last night, Tristan came up to me with a bit of toilet paper hanging out of his mouth. He'd gone into the bathroom and ripped a piece off the roll!

Meanwhile, I have my perfect little angel...

...well, perfect except for the fact that every morning around 5:30 or 6:00 am, she jumps on the bed and starts gently whacking me on the face with her paw. When I pull the covers over my head, she gets under them and starts biting gently on my knees and elbows. Yeah, she's hungry, but we are trying to tough it out and not respond to these subtle requests, otherwise this will be continuing for the next decade or two.

And oo-er, it was -37 C when we got up this morning! (For you non-Metric types, when the temp gets down to -40, it's the same in Fahrenheit OR Celsius.) For the past few mornings, Gordon and I have been loathe to leave bed before the furnace turns on (it's on a timer and is set to 16 C at night.) So G makes me guess the outside temperature, then checks our weather station thingy when he goes to the kitchen. I have guessed the temperature correctly for two days in a row now. For my prize, I would like a trip to the Caribbean. I'm waiting.


  1. Anonymous10:38 am

    HAHAHAHHAHAH!! Dr. Sloth here ... I'm so relieved to see that they are REAL DOGS. I thought that maybe you were using photoshop a little to often to give them "real" eyes instead of those solid black S.W. ones that they REALLY had. hahahahh

    OK now I can sleep at night.

    And let me tell you, I really like your office chair. Are the arm rests adjustable? That's what I've been looking and looking for. I have $een them, but well... "someday". Why on earth do they make the arm rests so LOW that they are basically worthless??? In my current chair, if I sit up straight, which is really the most comfortable, my elbows are a good FOUR INCHES from the stupid armrests. well anyway.

    I LOVE the caption to S's pic HAHAHAHHAHA. that's great.

    And T is just trying to show you that he is really a nerd dog. Instead of TP stuck to his foot, it's just stuck to his mouth. HAHAHHahahhaha ... They are TOO CUTE.

    AND of course the little darling baby kitty sweety NAOMI has such a subtle way of waking you.

    ANNNNDDDDDD, DOG the COLD. I COULD NOT get out of bed in that cold. No way, nuh uh ... wouldn't happen.

    We've had clouds and even a little rain for the past four days. And it's cold....well not like YOUR cold, but cold enough. But because of the clouds, I've had no hot water .. Iiiiieeeeeee. Today another COLD shower. Stinking miserable. :( boohoo.

    OK well Stay Warm up there!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the photo with the hidden kleenex box :-)

  3. Dr. Sloth... the arm rests ARE adustable! My old chair had adjustable arms too, but it is now in the garage. It was completely worn out after 11 straight years of my behind sitting on it. It was an Obusforme chair and it was great, but it has reached the end of its useful life. This chair is not quite as swanky but I like it very much. I can adjust the lumbar support, the arms, the tilt, and the up-and-down. Gordon ordered it online for me (my personal shopping slave) at Staples.

    And you have to get out of bed when it's this cold, otherwise you'd be in bed five months a year... ;)

    However, I really feel for you with the cold showers. Horrific. I hope it's all better now!


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