Thursday, October 01, 2009


Here's the reason I may have to spend this entire day in my pajamas and dressing gown:

'If you attempt to dislodge me, I will be forced to claw out your eyeballs."

Hard to believe six pounds of purring softness rules the entire house!

And sadly, today is the day I am breaking down and, GASP, turning on the furnace. Summer is truly dead and gone. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


  1. We know that scenario! Our oldest cat Robyn is 16lbs of "don't dare move" Boris is a not much lighter ... Mercifully neither deploy weapons!

  2. Wow, a 16-lb kitty might start cutting off the circulation in your lap! Your kitties are gorgeous, Jams.

    Alex is our biggest feline at 12 lbs, and of course he's missing a leg so he'd weigh even more were he intact!

  3. That . . . is one . . . angry . . . kitty.

  4. She does look wicked, but actually she is the sweetest cat I have ever known. She has never hissed, never purposely scratched (jumping onto Gordon's shoulder as he got out of the shower naked was an ACCIDENT, an accident, I tell you! She loves to ride around on shoulders) and is incredibly sweet-natured. But in that photo it looks like her inner devil is ready to erupt.

  5. If she ever needs a room and board for a week, or two, I'll take her. Would love to spend a day in my dressing gown, with such a kitty on my lap. Can't have a pet anymore because of allergies developped in later years. Sometimes I borrow a friend's pet for a day. I sneeze and my eyes cry for the week following. But it's worth it for such sweet company for a few hours.


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