Sunday, October 04, 2009

He's trying to kill me...

Yep, Gordon wants to send me to the cardiac ward (my poor Dad had his first heart attack at 47, but he smoked, unlike me!) Just look at the "Full English" Gordie-boy fried me up this morning. I am dubious about a Full English containing sautéed yellow peppers, but we can just call that the Canadian variation. And I gave up kippers as a teenager, so no fish here. No blood (black) pudding either. It's just not my thing, though I did watch my friend Phyllis shudder over it when we visited England and Scotland together back in 2007. Or was that me?

And yes, I admit, there is a dearth of baked beans. And really, the lack of potatoes is a complete and utter offense to my Irish heritage. What can I say, I'm married to a bloody Scot!

Local eggs (from the hens that belong to my beekeeping mentor and his partner), local sausage, not-local bacon, God-knows-where-the-mushrooms-and-peppers-came-from, bread from Quebec, and a tomato that survived the late blight in my garden (which fortunately did not afflict my gorgeous potatoes!)

But wait. Something is missing...

Ah, that's better. Brown sauce. I am still ticked that they switched HP Sauce from glass to plastic bottles. I hate plastic packaging.

And I have to have scrambled eggs because I can't stand runny egg yolks. And grapefruit juice, mmmmm.

All heart attack jokes aside, it was really yummy. I need to go do some farm chores to work it off. Thank you, my sweetie-muffin-dumpling. Can I have another cuppa now?

And I'm sorry, but this is JUST WRONG.


  1. Anonymous11:31 am

    There is nothing ever right about blood pudding!!! (with apologies to John and Karen)

    oh yum...I wish Gordon would make a cardiac breakfast for me!


  2. He will when you visit. Extra blood pudding for you!

  3. This would be my One-Meal for the day. But it's making me hungry right now at 11.30 p.m.

    Was this your wedding photo? Gorgeous couple.

  4. ok, the battered blood pudding almost made me hurl!

  5. Oh... yumminess!

  6. What? No fried toast? least you had the HP Sauce! (I did not know that they went to a plastic format - shows you how old mine is in my cabinet!).

  7. My Dad used to fry bread in lard. He did lay off that habit in his later years, but no wonder the poor guy had a double bypass at age 47 (more the fault of the smoking I think!) I think I was 12 the last time I had fried bread but oh, it was GOOD.

    The battered blood pudding I am happy to take a pass on.

    Claudia, yes, that was us back in ;93. Thank you! :))

  8. Ah it looks delicious even to this vegetarian!

  9. My hubby is the breakfast master at our house, too.
    And sorry, but I love blood pudding!

  10. That's okay, Freshisle, some of my best friends like blood pudding. :)

    Jams, I actually don't eat a whole lot of meat and I should have given up bacon years ago but I'm weak, weak, weak... Gordon does make some very nice vegetarian-friendly breakfasts!

  11. Mmm mmm GOOOOOOOD!

    GOOD Evil Gordini!

    Is PayPal and FedEx okay? It'll get here by tomorrow morning.

  12. Chef Nick, the Evil Gordini says the cheque bounced...


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