Monday, October 12, 2009

Gordon goes north

Today's lovely photos are courtesy of my guest photographer, aka my husband Gordon. I thought he did a great job taking photos up in Thunder Bay this week, where he spent two days on a business trip.

I have not spent much time in northern Ontario (mostly I have just driven through it on our two cross-Canada moves) but it's spectacularly beautiful up there and I'm dying to go up for a real vacation.

Thunder Bay is located in northern Ontario, on a large bay at the head of Lake Superior. Here's a nice shot of the bay itself:

One very tall tree sticks out above a forest of colour:

Trees poke out from a vertical rock face.

Thunder Bay sits on the Canadian shield. There's a lot of rock, including a rock road.

As you can see, autumn is in full swing:

And it's a looooong way down!

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Gordon.


  1. I also have memories of those rock faces on our way out west except it was early Feb, bitter cold and I was crying my eyes out, wondering what possessed us to make that move! Gordon's shots are much nicer.

  2. What a beautiful country you live hubby went through your blog photos and was sighing away saying how lucky you are to live in a farm

  3. Terrific pictures Gordon.

  4. Beautiful pics. Northern Ontario is very woody, with many lakes. I worked on James Bay, early 50s. The train ride to Cochrane was so picturesque. Then, in late 50s, I lived in a small mining village, 30miles from Chapleau. We used to walk in the forest, and discover lakes that very few people had ever seen. The fishing was great. I hope those places haven't been polluted.

  5. wow what beautiful scenery Knatolee

  6. Fran, when I moved out west, I too was crying my eyes out. I didn't stop bawling until we left New Brunswick (I started in Nova Scotia!) And February is worse than December )when we moved) for moving across Canada!

    Surani, we think your country is beautiful too And we feel very lucky about the farm. It's nice that land is still reasonably affordable in this part of Ontario.

    James, Gordon thanks you for the compliments! It's encouraging him to take more photos.

    Claudia, you've lived everywhere! How wonderful. Gordon works with the Cree near Chapleau. You've had a wonderful life. Btw, I did send you a back-channel reply to your email about dinner, but I realize I sent it from an email address different from the one attached to this blog, so hopefully you got it (and didn't think it was spam!)

    Jams, I am much in love with the scenery up north. But what I REALLY want to do is visit the far north of Canada!


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