Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is here...

... because the ladybugs are moving indoors! While I hate the seasonal cluster fly invasions, the ladybugs (aka ladybirds) always make me smile. For some reason, this one was attracted to the Lightfoot's pine-scented soap my friend brought me back from the Adirondacks:

Such cheery little insects. I guess this one didn't mind the taste/feel/scent of soap.

There's yet another frost warning on for tonight, it's zero degrees Celsius right now (at 6:30 pm) and today I saw several VERY OFFENSIVE snowflakes. I'm sorry, snow before Hallowe'en is a crime against humanity!*

*Not a true crime against humanity. I do realize that there are FAR worse things in the world than snow in October. But I'm c-c-cold, my garden plants are succumbing to frost, I'm not ready for mittens, and I need to wwwwwhine! Waaaaaah!


  1. OH

    Mi (well that's how the teens spell it)


    Last spring we went to a frined's house in the Eastern Townships -- he of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra -- and it was infested with ladybugs. Exactly like the one you photographed.

    At first they were cute. I remarked happily that they slept with us, as there were several in the bed in the morning.

    But soon, very soon, out came the vacuum cleaner. Can you say "hundreds of ladybugs"? Can you say "execution-style"?

    Ai-yai-yai. I never want to see another ladybug as long as I live.

  2. That is one cute little ladybug! I think you should name it! We already had a light dusting of snow in Michigan but it melted fast. I agree - there should be no snow before halloween!

  3. Snow before Hallowe'en? There shouldn't be Christmas decorations before Hallowe'en.

    And I do like your photos of red and black insects. Happy anniversary!

  4. CHef Nick, yes, they do sometimes get a little out of control!!

    Shelley, I think children should not have to wear snowsuits for trick-or-treating. :)

    And HWB, wow, a year.. happy anniversary! And they are getting out the Christmas decs at the Bay in downtown Ottawa. IT'S SO WRONG!!!!

  5. Nuh-nuh-nuh-noh-no.

    It's OKAY! to bring out the Christmas decorations in October! It is okay. I checked with my parole officer and my therapists. It's really okay! They give me the green light to go shop for decorations, what have you.

    So when I get my hour out of the Yard and in town I, well, GO TO TOWN! Halloween, you name it.

    But this year I'm playing it close to the vest because I busted the vacuum killing ladybugs and I have to persuade the warden to get me a new one.

    Oh, yeah, sorry, I broke parole for making unauthorized crabcakes. Around here, that's a no-no.

  6. Chef Nick, you have got to be the most interesting prisoner in the institution!

    Crabcakes, totally legal in my book. Christmas decs in October? So NOT legal. So very wrong!


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