Saturday, October 24, 2009

Honkers and fungi...

...have nothing in common. Do they?

A sprinkling of mushrooms in our woodlot (which was planted 25 years ago with mainly white spruce and white pine.)

Mystery hole... perhaps for a chipmunk!

Future tree.

Nice lookin' 'shrooms. No clue if they are edible, and I was not about to sample them! Only the knowledgeable should be eating the mushrooms they find.

Biiiiiig mushroom.

And the honkers, aka Canada geese. Some hunter dropped by to ask if he could shoot some on the weekend. Uh, no, sorry. But we appreciate that he asked! But we don't want guns going off on the farm.

And I don't mind people hunting for food, as long as they are responsible hunters, and not wasteful. It' s not my thing, but until I stop buying/eating animal products, I feel it's hypocritical of me to say much about hunting. I've found the hunters around here to be quite respectful and polite.

Trophy hunting is a whole other matter!!! Don't get me started.

The geese finally got tired of me and the dogs and took off.

Bye bye!


  1. Very pretty photos today! Those mushrooms were big - perhaps they are planning an invasion? I'm against trophy hunters too. My husband hunts for deer every year and cooks every scrap. Though he said since he's met me (Ms. Animal Lover) - his deer count has gone done. He's only been able to shoot 1 deer in the 7 1/2 years he's known me. ha,ha!

  2. I've been mushroom hunting, too. Some are great for dyeing with!

  3. What an amazing place you have Knatolee!

  4. Ugh. That Eda person left spam on my blog, too.

    I originally misread your post title as "Hookers and fungi."

    Goat pics posted, BTW.

  5. Your mystery hole? That's exactly what the tarantula holes looked like when I was in the jungle in Equador!

  6. Shelley, hunters like your hubby are the ones I have respect for. They don't waste what they hunt. Actually, I think there is something to be said for hunting your own meat rather than buying factory-farmed stuff at the grocery store! But it sounds to me like soon, your hubby won't be able to hunt at all, due to your eeeeeevil influence. ;)

  7. Freshisle, I never thought of using them for dyeing wool. You must get some great colours!

    Jams, we were lucky to find this place. It was on the market for quite a while and it's like it was waiting for us.

    Jim, on this blog it would not be surprising to find a title like that, so no wonder you misread it.

    Blork, that hole was as big as my fist. Please tell me that some rare cold-loving Ecuadorian tarantula hasn't moved north into my woodlot. Otoh, I think spiders and tarantulas are great, so this could be a good thing. Unless the dogs try to eat it.


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